Domestic Violence: Kano reported over 200 cases

The National Human Rights Commission says 266 cases of domestic violence have been reported in Kano from January to March 2022 in Kano.

The commission’s coordinator, Shehu Abdullahi, who made this known to journalists in the state on Tuesday said the commission received a total of 52 complaints in January, 153 in February, and 85 in March.

He noted that pointed out that domestic violence, abandonment of family responsibility, rights of children, and gender-based violence constituted a high percentage of the cases recorded.

Abdullahi attributed the rise in cases of family matters to economic challenges.

The 266 cases may likely not be the actual number of cases of domestic violence in the state, as the masses are still being sensitised on timely report of any form of violence to themselves or loved ones.

Despite that, people still shy away from reporting the cases, either due to cultural reasons or fear of stigmatization.

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