You are not entitled to anything, nobody owes you anything – Kate Henshaw to online beggarsrs

Actress Kate Henshaw has come all out for online beggars and people with sense of entitlement to other people’s hard earned money.

She made it clear that they aren’t entitled to money that isn’t theirs and the world owes them nothing.

Henshaw made known that, people who strive to make every penny have the prerogative to spend it however they deem fit.

It’s has also become rampant that a lot of people usually slide into people’s DM to beg for money and when they hit gridlock they tend to see those who refused to give them money as being wicked.

The 50-year-old thespian urged them to work hard and quit exhibiting the behaviour that is synonymous to witchcraft.

“You are not entitled to money that is not yours…No! Stop that bad behaviour that the world owes you anything”, she wrote.

“Those working hard to make every penny deserve to spend or give it away the way they choose.

“Keyword here is ‘working hard’.

“Very disturbing indeed and smacks of witchcraft, for lack of a better word.”

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