How to do email marketing without paying an agency to run it for you

How to do email marketing for Beginners

An effective Email marketing provides you with amazing results. It is a strategy most small and big businesses use in promoting their businesses. If done correctly, you can use email marketing to fuel your overall inbound strategy. The two common questions often asked by beginners are how to do email marketing? and how can I get email marketing lists? First, you need to understand what email marketing is.

What is email marketing? It is one of the successful digital marketing strategies of sending emails to prospects and consumers through mails, thereby expecting that they eventually become potential buyers and clients. This technique consistently outperforms all other marketing channels when it comes to engaging with your leads, cultivating them, and converting them into customers simply because, most people have email addresses

Some people run their email marketing campaign themselves. For you to become an email marketing expert, you must master the following: learn how to build an email list, know about email marketing analytics, have some copywriting skills. Once you have all these sorted out, you can do email marketing yourself. If you’re planning to do email marketing yourself without hiring anyone to run it for you, here are the steps to follow.


How to do email marketing yourself


how to do email marketing


  1. Get an email marketing service provider

Even though you’re planning to do email marketing yourself, you need an email marketing service provider. The only way for your company to use email marketing automation to efficiently send messages to large groups of contacts or subscribers is to work with a provider.

Learning the ropes on how to do email marketing requires you to get professional email templates, tools to help you develop and maintain your email list, and monitoring features that show you who is opening and communicating with your campaigns and messages are all available to you. All these are provided by your email marketing service provider.

2. Build an Email List

After you’ve got your marketing service provider, the next step is to figure out how to build an email list. Whether you’re building for a small or big business, you need to test run the system by starting small. It is better than having a small number of email subscribers who will always open your email when they see it than having a large number, who sees and delete the message.

Here are tips on how to build your email marketing list

Create a spreadsheet with columns with email, first name, last name, tag included;

If you already have customers, add your existing customers to the list. Tag them as “customers.”

In case you don’t have any list of customers to add, begin by placing a paper sign-up sheet near your register, adding an online sign-up form to your website, inviting your social media followers and regular customers to sign up.

3. Create an email marketing account for your contacts

Another great tip on how to do email marketing for small businesses is by you adding your contacts to your email marketing account once you’ve created an initial list to send.

You may begin by importing contacts from a Gmail or Outlook account or uploading a contact list from an existing spreadsheet.

4. Create a welcome email

Your welcome email is the first message you send to your new email subscribers once you’ve finished creating an account for your contacts.

Welcome emails are particularly important because they act as your first impression and reach out to people at a time when they are most interested in your business. Your welcome email will have a higher than average open rate, so make sure you offer value right away.

Begin with a warm greeting and a summary of what they should expect from you in the future. Then, right away, give them something useful.

Your welcome email will automatically send to all new contacts once you’ve set it up.

5. Create an email marketing template

You can use any of the service providers templates. For MailChimp,

  • Click the campaigns icon.
  • Click Email templates.
  • Click Create Template.
  • Click a tab to choose a template category
  • Click the template you want to work with
  • Drag and drop content blocks into your template layout to add and format text, images, files, and other content as needed.

6. Launch, Test, Your Email Marketing Campaign

Test and measure the findings to create successful email marketing campaigns. You’re ready to launch once you’ve completed this phase.


How can I get email marketing lists?

This is one of the biggest challenges for many newbies in the email marketing niche, however, it shouldn’t discourage you because there are smart ways to how it can be done effectively. Here are tips:

  • Make email marketing sign up forms available on your website/blog/app
  • Politely ask for your reader’s email address
  • Use your social media channels
  • Add A Signup Button on your Facebook Business or Instagram page



If you’re searching for how to do email marketing yourself, with these tips, you will have a smooth sail. Do not, under certain circumstances, buy an email list. Email marketing is all about cultivating and maintaining relationships; engaging with a smaller group of high-quality contacts would have a greater effect.

With you being consistent, you will surely get customers that will subscribe to your email lists. Alternatively, have a link to your blog in your email signature, whether you’re sending personal or business emails, send RSS feed newsletters from your blog, invite them to subscribe to your newsletter or download your lead magnet. 


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