Smart Ways On How To Find Investors For Your Business/Startup

It is commonly believed by many that ideas rule the world which is also, applicable to business. Still, some entrepreneurs with great ideas are finding it difficult to connect to investors for their startups. One thing very clear is that there are still angel investors, but for anyone to invest in your business, it must be favourable. If you have some brilliant ideas and you are searching for financiers for the business in this article, I will list out some tips on how to find investors for your business.

Floating a company can be exciting! but the startup capital is the dilemma many are faced with. Raising a business capital can be difficult, that most times, entrepreneurs result in meeting banks or loan companies to finance a business with repaying terms discussed by both parties. Howbeit, there are other ways one can raise capital without collecting business loans, which one of the smartest ways is getting an investor. Here, you are not financing or paying any interest, as it is the role of the investor who earns or take a certain percentage when profit is made.

Investors are not philanthropists, they are in for investment and, in return, get back their money. Therefore, for you to convince someone to invest in your business, the idea must be unique, with a solid business plan to complement it. So if you’ve got all these ready, you are on your way to getting investors for your startup.

How to find investors for your business


how to find investors for your business

  1. Through foundations or business schools

One of the most trusted ways of finding investors for business is going through a registered foundation or fundraising institute or a licenced business school. If your idea is great, you will get an investor.

There are different entrepreneurship programs run by these foundations that have a database of investors. However, you must have a quality business idea, a well-crafted business plan, and be prepared to be interviewed by the panellists. If the idea sounds enticing, you will be notified of the next step to take.

  1. Business seminars     

On the off chance that your startup requires a great deal of seed financing and you seek how to find investors for your business, at this point, it is advised that you attend a lot of business seminars. Apart from the fact, that you will be taught some amazing business tips, you may be lucky to find an investor that you can share your ideas, but do not be quick to spill out the bean. Attending business seminars can link you to your potential investor as you can likewise discover tutors on such occasion who can direct you in your startup.

  1. Crowd Funding

There are legit crowdfunding sites where you can register. Crowdfunding is the purpose of pulling resources together through small donations from a large group. Crowdfunding can also be seen as a marketing strategy for raising capital for your business. Before you register on any crowdfunding site, you must carry a proper check on the site and the individuals you will like to partner with. So all you need to do is to discuss briefly what the startup is all about. The essence of this is to stir people or investors into action which you can attract investors in the following ways:

  • Pitch your idea
  • Use trusted sites
  • Word of mouth marketing

Best crowdfunding sites for startups

  1. Use social media

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting business and identifying with a large network of people. Various social media platforms are serving different purposes. You can find investors through social media by registering with LinkedIn. The platform can connect you with other entrepreneurs and business coaches who are available to contribute and help individuals.

  1. Through Online Startup Portals

You can find Startup portals on the web. These portals are created by Angel investors who are always on the look for companies to invest in. Once you’ve found it, register and input the details of your startup on any of the startup portals. You can also interact with other founders using these portals and rub minds together either for partnership.



Finding investors for your startup is never an easy process, however, there are ways on how to find investors for your business. Just know that when you start, you will get a series of rejections, but never give up for nothing good comes easy!

With a sellable idea, capped with a well-drafted business plan, the chances of finding an investor for your startup is high. If eventually, you found someone willing to sponsor your business idea, the terms and conditions must be discussed and do not be quick to release your idea.

When searching for investors, it is crucial that you try different methods, the methods listed in this article are some of the smart ways of finding investors. Good luck in your search.


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