Top 7 Online Payment Gateways In Nigeria For E-Commerce And Dropshipping

Are you considering setting up an ecommerce store or a dropshipping business? If yes, you will need to integrate a payment gateway solution on the website. An online payment gateway basically enables your customers to make payments on your website. There is a quite number to select from. in this post, I will share with you the top online payment gateways in Nigeria for ecommerce and drop shipping.

Integrating an online payment is very vital, though, some ecommerce stores offer both online payments and pay on delivery (POD). It is faster, safer to use a payment gateway system to bridge the gap of any menace from happening, howbeit, you still need to know the reliable payment gateways to use. Before I give you a rundown of the best payment gateways, it is crucial you know the measures when choosing an online payment gateway.

Things to consider when choosing a Payment Gateway for ecommerce and Dropshipping


  • Select a payment gateway that is supported in the country where you are operating from
  • Ensure the payment gateway offers a low transaction fee
  • Ensure that it is secured, with a working SSL certificate
  • Make sure it adaptable for your ecommerce or drop shipping business
  • Ensure it is user-friendly


Top online payment gateways in Nigeria for ecommerce and dropshipping


There’re so many payment gateways, in Nigeria and across Nigeria. If you are planning to create an ecommerce store, here are the top online payment gateways in Nigeria, you should consider.

  1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways for ecommerce stores. It is an accepted payment gateway solution operating in more than 203 countries. It accepts credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Citibank, and more. Paypal is not supported in all countries, for example, Nigeria, however, you can use it to make payment, but can’t use a Nigerian Paypal to receive money from abroad.

  1. Rave by Flutterwave

Rave is one of the top online payment gateways in Nigeria that lets you receive payments within and outside Nigeria effortlessly at a zero setup fee. They make payments easy, safe and secure to accept online payments.

Some of the features is multi-currency support. It support allows receiving payments in multiple currencies and, also supports currency conversion. Amazingly, if you have this integrated on your website, the platform allows you to charge cards and bank accounts directly. So you can debit your customers’ bank accounts directly.

  1. VoguePAY

This is another easy and secure way to send and receive payments within and outside Nigeria. VoguePay allows customers and businesses to pay and receive in all major currencies, no matter the location.

Here are features of the Voguepay platform

The Voguepay platform is safe; users don’t have anything to worry about as the platform is reliable. Your money is safe with voguepay. It also supports payments with bitcoin. Please check if the recent ban on cryptocurrency on banks did not affect this service.

Easy interface: the voguepay platform is easy to use even for people without a tech background as it has Easy API documentation that makes the integration stress-free.

Easy Account Management: Choose the option for business or personal accounts based on your needs.

Multi-currency support: Accept payments in multiple global currencies. Pay in your default currency.

Free Integration: Integrate payments easily on your website using our plugin libraries and extensions.

  1. GTPAY

GTPAY is a payment platform owned by GTBank to ease online payments by using debit cards issued by the bank on the Interswitch network. To use this card, you must open an account with GTBank.

Ecommerce stores and drop shippers can integrate GTPAY on their website. The platform accepts cards issued both in Nigeria and globally such as Interswitch, MasterCard and Visa.

Features of GTPAY

Timely Transaction Process: Traders will receive value on the next working day after 48 working hours for the transaction to take place for local transactions and for international transactions.

GTPAY Monitoring Log: GTPAY comes with a unique, online monitoring console that allows merchants to see what is being transacted.

Reduced Sign-Red No Fee: GTBank is a certified developer partner so we charge GTPE setup fees for our merchants and such set-up fees are waived for them.

  1. Interswitch WebPay

This is one of the popular online gateway payment services used by most ecommerce stores. The WebPay integrates directly into your website and allows funds to be paid directly into your account.

Designed and managed by Interswitch. There is no additional cost when it is integrated into the ecommerce store.

  1. Amplify

Amplify is recommended as one of the top online payment gateways in Nigeria. It is fast, secured and reliable. Other features included: World-class, bank-level security: All transactions are processed through a PSIDSS compatible and 3D secure payment gateway via SSL encrypted channel.

Get your money within 24 hours: Payment through Amplify will be made to your company’s bank account within a day.

Card Correction Technology: If there is a problem with your customer’s card, Amplify will automatically retry for 2 days until payment is made.

Multiple payment options: Accept payments in more than 40 currencies from Visa, MasterCard, Verve and American Express. Your customers will also be able to make payments directly from their bank accounts.

Accept payment without the need for a website: You can accept payments without the need for a coder.

  1. Remita

Rimita is a household name when it comes to making and receiving payments in Nigeria. It allows you make payment directly from your site and apps. They offer ready-to-use plugins, SDKs and APIs that integrate the configuration.


You can use it to receive funds or make payment. You can use the platform to pay for ecommerce plugins, mobile SDK and likewise, can be used for recurring payments.

Also, Remita allows you to view all your balances on one screen: Rimita lets you view all your bank


Online payment gateways make transaction stress-free. Integrating it on the website is easy, and most of them are user-friendly- it allows customers to make a payment without facing any challenge. When setting a payment gateway on your store, make sure it is supported in your home country. These listed here are operating fully in Nigeria. For that of Paypal, use Nigerian PayPal, you can only make payment with it and not to receive funds.

Payment methods differ and people choose the ones they are already accustomed to. You should integrate what your customers will most likely find comfortable to use.

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