9 Best Software’s For Affiliate Marketing In 2021

These days B2B and B2C businesses use software’s to fasten and track business campaigns. One common niche where individuals use this software a lot is on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing software helps companies manage and track the success rate of their affiliate programs. Today, I will provide 9 top affiliate marketing software’s and also, explain the importance of affiliate software

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways of making money online. There are several affiliate programs to sign up for. In an affiliate program, you make money when sales are made through your referrer link. Affiliate marketing is a commission-based job. As an affiliate marketer, you have to promote a product, while the company pay you upon a successful transaction. You can make a lot of money if you know the tricks especially, promoting a product of good value. A very smart way of doing this is using social media and software.

With software, you will be able to monitor progress reports such as sales conversion and commission tracking, leads generation and payment handling. There are a quite number of affiliate software’s, varying in price and features.

Now that you know what an affiliate software is, do you consider it a solution to help you make more money running an affiliate program? Before I give you a rundown of the top affiliate marketing software tools, you need to know the similarities of using any of the affiliate software.

Features of affiliate software

The purpose of an affiliate software may be the same, but the features vary slightly different as there are various affiliate software providers. Very remarkably, most of the software’s have these                           

  • Affiliate commission management
  • Product and service templates
  • Activity dashboard
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Third-party integration support
  • Social media integration

Importance of using an affiliate software


The importance of using software for your affiliate program cannot be overemphasized. First, it reduces the workload for affiliate marketers, then, also, it tracks affiliate campaign management by providing accurate analysis with the view to making corrections on areas not performing well.

Here we go. Here is a review of my 9 top affiliate marketing software’s

Top affiliate marketing software’s


top affiliate marketing software’s


  1. Offer18

Offer18 one of the best affiliate marketing softwares. It is a trusted brand that many affiliate marketers can vouch for. Offer18 is a reliable performance tracking solution for ad networks, advertisers and affiliates with professional tracking abilities. It is a top-Class Performance Tracking Platform which helps digital professionals to create their affiliate network, optimize their campaign performance and at the end, use the traffic sources to generate ROI with the in-built advanced tools of technology.

2. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a unique affiliate software that helps affiliate markets track their business campaigns effectively. The rate at which it generates traffic and engagement is because the platform is accessible. The system will give you access to Merchant panel and your affiliates to the affiliate panel to see their stats and manage their promotion materials. Post Affiliate Pro will automate your entire affiliate program.

Post Affiliate Pro is a cloud-based solution that assists marketing teams with tracking affiliate programs and networks. Key features include link customization, multi-currency support, sales tracking, commission management and campaign customization.

Interestingly, this affiliate marketing software enables users to add custom sales tracking codes and select between multiple affiliate link styles such as redirect links, anchor links, SEO links and direct links. Teams can define actions that determine commissions as per user registration, per click, per download and more. Additionally, marketers can add banner rotators, discount coupons, flash banners, HTML banners, image banners, Lightbox banners and SmartLinks to optimize audience engagement.

3. venedash

 The vene dash software is among thetop affiliate marketing software’s. It allows advertisers, ad networks and publishers to manage the offers within a single, streamlined system, improving overall data and performance. Our reliable tracking solution with built-in Fraud Protection, URL Tester, Intelligent SmartLinks, Billing and Invoicing feature and many other unique features allows performance marketers to scale and stay ahead of their business. Vern Dash has been passionately created by industry experts in the heart of Berlin, Germany.

Venedash is an affiliate marketing solution designed to help businesses track, manage, analyze and optimize the performance of online advertising campaigns. The integrated billing and invoicing module enable publishers to obtain billing information in a central repository.

The built-in destination site monitoring tool allows businesses to automatically verify the validity of offer fur locations and send alerts on changes to the destination site. Using VanDash’s server-to-server tracking system, administrators can securely control communications between multiple networks, advertisers, and publishers. Also, it allows app administrators to track potential clients, user behaviour, and first interactions with conversions on an integrated platform.

4. Scaleo

Scalio is a fully-fledged affiliate marketing software that enables users to track, study and optimize one’s affiliate business and affiliate marketing campaigns without any struggles, with the aid of an improved AI technology. Suitable for a network, business and media buyers, it can help you optimize traffic sources by finding the best time to convert your campaign, cutting out fraudulent traffic and focusing on quality conversions. Scalio can be integrated with an infinite number of 3rd party technologies

5. Circlewise

This affiliate marketing program allows you to manage, automate, and measure your partnerships in one place. Circlewise is the leading Partnership Management Software for building, scaling and managing in-house affiliate programs

6. Trackier

Trackier permits advertisers to precisely track, measure, and upgrade offshoot showcasing programs. To deal with an offshoot promoting programs Typically, it includes a subsidiary following stage were sponsors, organizations, and subsidiaries can without much of a stretch set up, run and audit

It helps affiliate marketers to track affiliate Sales, App Installs SDK and ROI of all their marketing campaigns.

7. ReferralMagic

ReferralMagic is one of the most user-friendly referral marketing solutions for SaaS businesses on the internet. It helps to convert customers and consumers into reference magnets. It helps to get customers and improve deals and revenue.

Using an integrated context after programming for the site and using contextual advertising on organizations is the biggest effort to be fast. ReferralMagic helps with the following references, their referrers, their visits and changes.

Its highlights for creating and executing fruitful reference crusades include a quick easy connection, a reference lobby for a variety of purposes, constant reference crusade insights, board payments and a few more.

8. AdsBridge

Adsbridge is a top tracking solution designed for successful affiliate marketers, media buyers and marketing agencies. The platform provide top service for intelligent traffic monetization with a complete set of best optimization tools.


  • 14-day free unlimited access to all features
  • Real-time statistics
  • Traffic distribution system
  • Automatic campaign optimization
  • Landing Page Builder, Editor, Hosting, + Templates
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Bot-filter / Cloaker
  • Multi-user access and roles
  • Premium support
  • White-label solution for CPA networks
  • SmartLink Platforms Customization.
  • Option to conduct customized A / B tests, Cloud-based traffic distributing, tracking, and monetizing software that drives striking performance marketing results.

9. Everflow

Everflow is a cloud-based affiliate management and partner tracking platform that brings monitoring, analytics and motion tweaking capabilities to affiliate marketers, advertisers, agencies and publisher Everflow, including influencers, affiliates, references, media purchases and app publishers. It allows staff members to create unique destination pages for specific partner codes, streamlining URL tracking processes.


There are several softwares for affiliate marketing, these are just a few among the best affiliate marketing software’s. You can make more research to get the one that suits your affiliate program. You need also to consider a few things when choosing an affiliate marketing software such as Integration with Existing Systems, Mobile App Availability, and, Customer Support.


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