Reliable Shipping And Logistics Companies For E-commerce Business From China, USA To Nigeria.

E-commerce business is considered as one of the thriving online businesses to venture into. Many are into it and doing exceptionally well. The case may be different for some others who probably started the business without a proper guide. Beginners who are planning to start this line of business should learn every part of the business like where to buy from, how to pay and reliable shipping agents to use. This article is about reliable shipping and logistics companies for e-commerce business.

Finding a reliable shipping and logistics companies is one of the challenges of the e-commerce business. There’re quite of them out there, but the reliability is where the problem lies. Issues like a scam, delay of delivering goods have led many to quit the business. The good news is that there are some trusted and fast shipping and logistics companies for e-commerce that ships from the USA, China down to Nigeria.

If you’re in the business already but yet to find a reliable shipping company or you want to get all the information available before starting, here are the shipping companies to use.

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Reliable shipping and logistics companies for e-commerce and mini importation in Nigeria


1.Chrisvicmall (

For people into mini importation and e-commerce business, using a reliable procurement and shipping company will help you in your e-commerce business. Chrisvicmall is a procurement and logistics company that assists individuals to shop products from China and the United States and ship to their destination both in Nigeria and Ghana. This shipping and logistics procure from Chinese websites like,,,,, etc. and USA websites like eBay and Amazon.

Register Here to start using their service.

  1. Tugrow (

First, it is important to note that Tugrow is not a fragment of Tugrow1688 is an independent agency owned by SAMGROW INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. The company helps individuals buy goods from popular Chinese websites like,, etc.

Also, they help make payment to Chinese suppliers to ease the burden for buyers.

Email: WhatsApp: +2348182581068


China Address: NO.94. Zhangkeng 1 district. minzhi street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Nigeria Address: Shop Asdx 6, ASD plaza, Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria

3. AleAir Cargo Services (

It’s  a reliable shipping and logistics company for e-commerce. AleAir Cargo is a branch of the ALE-AIR KONSULT TECHNOLOGIES. People who buy things from China use this procurement and logistics company.

Contact them through the following addresses.

China Office:

1160, Building 1, Building 63, Dongguan New Village,Longhua Meilong Avenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 1160 NG-EM.

Nigeria Head Office:

975, Melford Okilo Road, Opp Tamic Road, Okutukutu, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, West – Africa.


Tel; +2347032073069 , +8615994215383

Pick up Office:

No 28, Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, Off Airport Road, 7/8 Bus Stop, Lagos.

Tel/WhatsApp: +2347032073069; +8615994215383

Shoptomydoor (

This is another reliable logistics company to use for mini importation and e-commerce to ship things from, the UK, USA and some other countries to Nigeria. Shoptomydoor is considered as a shopping and shipping company created by Africans for Africans.

To start with, Click Here  or contact them through their mobile contact or email.

Tel: +234) 700 800 8000; +1 888 315 9027

WhatsApp: (+234) 813 541 4956


  1. NBC Skye Logistics Shipping Company(

If you’re looking for one of the best and reliable shipping companies, the NBC Skye logistics shipping company is a house hold name. It deals with importation of goods from China to Nigeria.

Reach them through the following addresses:

Nigeria Office

No. 4 Adepele street computer village, Ikeja Lagos.

+2347032541895, +2348024439706.

China Office:

Area C190-191, Universe Costume & Shoes Plaza, No. 20 Keshan 3 Street, Huangshi Xi Road, Yue Xie District, Guangzhou, China.



  1. Star Ways Global Links

In terms of reliability, star ways Global Links is there for you. It is a fully licensed shipping and logistics company approved by the Chinese Government. Based in China, they ship to Nigeria through the following addresses.

China Contacts:

Marvine Ifeanyichukwu (CEO/MD)

Phone N./WhatsApp ID/Facebook ID : +8618666629544


Nigeria Contact/Agent

Mr SOLOMON 08039231505

Mr ONYEBUCHI 08068050017

Office Mobile 08163268220.


Based on clients experiences, these companies are rated among the best and reliable shipping and logistics companies for e-commerce. However, there may be a few flaws about some of them. Your experience may determine if you can continue with any of the shipping companies.

The e-commerce business is still thriving, all you need to do is to search for the top in-demand products, know where and how to buy goods, and then get a reliable procurement and shipping company.

If you want to start but don’t know how to begin, there are Chinese sites like, Aliexpress, Alibaba and USA sites like eBay and Amazon.



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