5 Healthy Foods To Help Your Child Gain Weight

Almost every mother desires to see her child look chubby. The kind of food you feed your child with can help for weight gain, but what many mothers struggle with is the kind of food that will make the child gain weight. Despite that this is your desire, you should make sure you go for healthy meals. If your child has started taking solids and you need foods for weight gain, here are five healthy foods for weight gain in children.

Some children are fussy eaters that as a mother you need to be creative with the kind of food they eat. Being chubby does not mean being healthy, that’s why in as much as you want your child to gain weight, you should also endeavour to feed them with healthy and nutritious meals.

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According to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the first six months, a child should be on exclusive breastfeeding. What this means is only breast milk for six months, no water or other cereals. After the six months’ mark, solids can now be introduced. This is where the trouble starts, that most babies struggle to eat even until five-six years of age, with this, the child may appear light weighted. So, it is vital to start feeding your child with some of these foods early enough as they help for weight gain in children.

5 Foods for weight gain in children


foods for weight gain in children



3. Banana

4. Dairy products

5.Chicken and other lean meats

  1. Potatoes

Be it sweet potatoes or Irish potato, it is one of the healthy foods for weight gain in children. Potatoes are a very good source of carbohydrates, it also contains amino acids and dietary fibre, which is very ideal for weight gain. Potatoes can be prepared in different ways. In children, you can make a potato puree, or porridge which helps for weight gain process. Also, it is delicious and a favourite meal among children.

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  1. Eggs

Not many children like eggs, as a mother you should introduce eggs into your child’s meal plan. Eggs are very rich in protein, vitamins and contains healthy fats. Eating egg will help your child gain weight.

Depending on the age, it is advised to only serve your baby with only the egg yolk but as from one year, your child can now eat both the yolk and albumen.

Eating eggs is said to help in the development of the brain and nervous system especially, in children.

To serve your child, it is better to have them boiled and not fried. So whenever, you want to make breakfast, ensure you add an egg to your child’s meal for effective weight gain.

  1. Bananas

Bananas are a great source of energy and are healthy carbohydrates for weight gain. This amazing fruit is packed with lots of calories, making it a snack for almost everyone and even active young children.

To serve your child banana, you can make it in the form of milkshakes, fruit salads, or creamy desserts.

  1. Dairy products

Children need dairy products for growth and weight gain. Dairy products like milk, cheese are very important in the life of any growing child. Dairy products are one of the foods for weight gain in children. For example, milk is high in calcium, which helps build strong bones and keeps your baby’s overall health in balance.

Please, always dilute the milk before serving it to your child. As for butter, there are some healthy fats, always go for low-fat butter or margarine, they are good for weight gain in children.

  1. Chicken and other lean meats

Yes, chicken is healthy for a child to eat. When serving your child chicken or lean meat, make sure you debone it. Chicken is a great source of protein and helps in building muscle in the body.



In as much as you want your child to gain weight, it is better to do things in moderation. Serve your child with healthy and nutritious foods. Certain foods can make your child gain weight, yet your child will not be healthy. Looking chubby doesn’t liken to living well or being healthy, just make sure your child eats nutritiously packed food. If your child takes these healthy foods daily, you will see an improvement in their weight.

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