9 worst courses to study at any Nigerian university

just like some courses are tagged best, there are a few other courses which are considered worst courses to study in Nigeria. One may wonder why are these courses considered ‘worst’? the simple answer is because of the low employability of graduates in that industry in Nigeria. Worst of it all, being independent in these fields of study is quite difficult. This post will guide you if you’re still seeking admission into any of the Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Many would argue that no course is irrelevant, however, in the case of Nigeria, it may not be entirely true. Any course which there is little or no demand for graduates in that field of study is as good as useless. These courses that would be listed may have lots of potentials in other countries, that doesn’t mean that the demand for them is needed in Nigeria.

The Nigerian system may bother on the certificate as a yardstick for employment, yet, certain courses are termed as best courses or in-demand courses needed for employment. So why waste your time and resources studying a course that you will struggle to secure a job after graduation? There’re many courses needed to be scrapped by the National Universities Commission(NUC), while, we’re waiting for the board to act swiftly, it is better that you steer clear from those programs. The lists include the following.

9 worst courses to study at any Nigerian University

1. Physical education

This course may sound interesting as it involves assisting people with arriving at their wellness objectives notwithstanding, getting a job with this degree can take you years. You may think that as a graduate in this field, you will work in the ministry of sports or the Nigeria football federation. Yes, things can pan out well for you in these places, but in all honesty, to be employed here, it is either you are a medical personnel or media personnel. Getting a job as a physical education graduate is very tough in Nigeria, which makes it one of the worst courses to study at any Nigerian university.

2. Crop Science

This course is irrelevant in Nigeria when there are other agricultural programs like Agricultural-economics and agricultural engineering. The demand for graduates in this field is low, however, you can get a job in Federal or state Ministry, but that’s when the Nigerian civil service commission opens its application portal for recruitment.

3. Zoology

In western countries, Zoology is a lucrative course, and graduates in this field are always sought after. Studying zoology in Nigeria is not the best choice. I doubt any right-thinking Nigerian would select this course in a Nigerian university, students only study it because it was offered to them by the university. You can reject the offer, instead of studying zoology and stay long before clinching a job, learn a skill for one year and apply for another admission until you get your dream course.

4. Music

I view music as a talent and not what one should bother studying in a Nigerian university. Some of the top Nigerian musicians are not music graduate, though, before you start your music career, there are a few things you need to improve on such as speech, tone, and diction. Then if you want to become a keyboardist or pianist, you can take a short course to learn them. So, music graduates may not be favoured for work-related activities in Nigeria.

5. Christian religious studies

After studying Christian Religious Studies, where do you intend to work? Although, you can work at any place if you’re able to pass the aptitude test of the said organization.

6. Early childhood education

Do you consider this course an in-demand course? Your guess is as good as mine. If this course is very lucrative, graduates in this field will not struggle to get a job like others with high job prospects.

7. Home Economics

Unless you want to be a classroom teacher. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get a teaching job if you don’t have a in home economics. So think twice before you accept the admission offer.

8. Social studies

This is another course considered one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria. The alternative of being an instructor in the field in Nigeria is even restricted because there’s another prerequisite that most employees need graduates with a

9. Library Science

It’s completely useless to study library science at the University especially now that most school’s libraries are filled with outdated books and people can search and read books online.


Before you accept an admission offer from any Nigerian university, do well to check the job prospects. If you want to be self-employed, you can choose to study any course but remember, it will be easier to create a job from a field you’ve garnered knowledge from.
No course may be useless, be thou as it may be, in Nigeria, some courses outrank others in terms of remuneration and job prospects. So, carefully choose a course that you want to study in the university, and if as a result, your cut-off mark cannot get you the desired course and you were given another course with little or no relevance in Nigeria, it is better to decline the offer.

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