Lucrative passive income ideas to make money from in Nigeria

Most people want to make money even when they are asleep. However, for this to happen, a sacrifice must be made now to benefit in the future. Having a various stream of income is significant since the human need is ‘insatiable’. You can earn extra income through passive income. Does it feel strange? Passive income is a steady stream of income that requires little or no effort to maintain. This implies that it takes only a little effort to earn that income. In this article, I will list 7 lucrative passive income ideas in Nigeria.

Interestingly, to make passive income, doesn’t require one to empty his / her bank account that even low-income earners and students can start it, as it requires a little capital to get started. The good part is that most of the passive income ideas listed here are appropriate for people who don’t need the issues and stress that accompanies beginning a business from the scratch for fear of failure or lack of capital.

The difference between active income and passive income

Active income is the money you earn as a result of your direct efforts. This is the most popular way people make their money. Passive income is the money you earn from commissions or percentages.

7 lucrative passive income ideas

  1. Loan business

You can earn money by starting a loan business in Nigeria by lending at interest to loyal friends, colleagues and colleagues who have stable and regular jobs. Loans business is a real business that usually has a high-interest rate (up to 4% per month) – higher than that offered by the big commercial banks – and the interest starts coming in immediately, and, starting a loan company is speedy and simple to set up.

All you need to do is ask someone who already has a plan and you can go ahead and apply for a cash advance from any operator as a way to understand the business.

2. Affiliate Marketing

It can be done with or without owning a blog or website, although, it is better to use a website for this business, as it will also be a way of generating traffic to your site. There are many partner representative administrations out there (Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, Flex Offers, Click Bank, and so forth) and they permit you to pick from a large number of various items in your specific speciality or niche.

Basically, affiliate marketing involves selling other people’s products and earning a pre-agreed commission for your efforts.

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 3. Invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

REIT is ideal as a long-term source of income, especially if you are interested, however, don’t have considerable money to contribute.

If you prefer concepts such as receiving dividends and owning real estate but do not own direct physical property, REIT may be a good choice for you.

Before putting resources into a REIT, you may need to initially explore the accessible assets, you may likewise need to conclude if you will put resources into exchanged assets.

How to invest in REIT

When you choose your REIT investment strategy, the next step is to consult your broker to assist you in purchasing shares of the Traded Fund on the stock exchange.

For a non-traded REIT, you should research and consult with brokers involved in non-traded REIT funds.

Example, Union Homes, Sky Shelter etc.

4. Invest in crowdfunded Agritech Farms

Recently, many Nigerians are beginning to consider Agriculture is an investment option that returns high ROI. You can earn passive income in agriculture.

There’re Agri-tech companies in Nigeria, where you can invest and earn money from it. These platforms have made it much easier to invest in farms without having to farm physically.

First, go to their site and create an account. Everything you need to know is available there.

Agri-Tech websites connect real, local farmers with investors. The farmer needs capital to fund their agricultural activities.

How you make money:

Generally, each farm unit you sponsor has a minimum amount that you have to pay. You will see how long it takes for the investment to mature and yield.

So, after the farming cycle, your start-up capital will come back to you. You are also going to get a share in the profit.

Examples of agri-tech websites to invest in

  • Farm Crowdy
  • ThriveAgric

5. Publishing through Amazon Kindle

You can also start a publishing business to earn passive income. When done correctly, you can earn royalties from selling your book. You need to do keyword research, have good copywriting skills to break even in the is kind of passive income business.

How to start publishing on AmAZON

Create your account on Amazon, upload your book and follow the directives on how to fill in the details about your book.

6. Dividend investment

This one is presumably for monetarily shrewd individuals that can trade in the stock market. You can learn how to trade in the stock market or use a broker.

7. Invest in crowdfunded startups

There are genuine platforms that pull funds from customers and pay them interest and their initial capital after a certain period of time.

One very popular crowdfunding platform is Piggyvest, it is an app that makes it easy to save money. However, the software also has the feature of allowing customers to invest


Passive income is not a get quick rich scheme. Before you can earn from it, you must have invested your time and resources to build assets. Certainly, passive income is considered one of the best ways to make money, however, the amount you make depends on the effort you put in.

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