5 Apps To Use For Students With Learning Disabilities

Technology improves learning and classroom engagement. Students with learning disabilities can improve in their academics by using simple tools. Learning disability is caused by hereditary and additionally neurobiological factors that affect learning basic skills. These handling issues can meddle with learning fundamental aptitudes, for example, reading, and writing. They can likewise meddle with more significant level aptitudes, for example, association, time arranging, dynamic thinking, long or transient memory and consideration.

Since troubles with reading, writing can easily be detected during the school years, the signs and indications of learning disability are regularly analyzed during that time. Notwithstanding, a few people don’t get an assessment until they are in adult stage in post-secondary education or the labor force.

There’s a clear difference between learning disability and learning issues/problems which are principally the consequence of visual, hearing, Intellectual disability; Emotional disturbance of enthusiastic unsettling influence; or natural, social or financial drawbacks.

As a rule, individuals with a learning disability are of normal or better than expected knowledge, have average or higher average intelligence. The gap between a person’s potential and actual accomplishments is often visible. This is the reason learning incapacities are alluded to as “concealed inabilities”: the individual looks consummately “typical” and is by all accounts an exceptionally splendid and savvy individual, yet might be not able to exhibit the ability level anticipated from somebody of comparable age.

Kinds of Learning Disabilities

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  1. Dyslexia

A particular learning inability that affects reading and related language-based handling aptitudes.

Learning incapacities that influence a person’s comprehension of what they read or communicated in language. The capacity to communicate one’s self with oral language may likewise be affected.

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2. Dyspraxia

A condition which causes issues with development and coordination, language and speech.

3. Dyscalculia

A particular learning inability that influences an individual’s capacity to get numbers and learn math realities.

4. Oral/Written Language Disorder and Specific Reading Comprehension Deficit

Learning inabilities that influence a person’s comprehension of what they read or communicated in language. The capacity to communicate one’s self with oral language may likewise be affected.

A learning disability is a deep-rooted challenge, nonetheless, with proper help and mediation, the condition can be managed.

Recently, there are simple tools that individuals suffering from this incapacity can use to improve learning. Finding the privilege application is significant: distinctive applications are focused at various adapting needs and styles, and coordinating the application to the student will consistently be significant. Here are some useful tools.

Study apps for students with learning disabilities

  1. ModMath: Is a free application for the iPad, directed at assisting students with dyslexia and dysgraphia solve math. It is zeroed on giving an unmistakable apparatus to tackle numerical/maths problems.

2. MyTalkTools Mobile: This is an inventive application which empowers students with communication/speech troubles to state what they need, utilizing an arrangement of words, sounds and pictures. It tends to be arranged to include certain pictures and play certain sounds.

3. Dyslexia Toolbox: This toolbox has assistive technology features for students with dyslexia.

4. Voice Dream Reader: For kids and grown-ups with understanding handicaps and ADD/ADHD. Voice Dream Reader permits a student to highlight text that is read to them will at that point be read to them. For a learner to understand things well, a voice dream reader is a must-have app.

5. Autism Xpress: A straightforward application intended to assist children with autism to express their feelings. The app uses an inclination locater and games in a fun and simple to-utilize pack.



A learning disability is a syndrome, however, the condition can be managed. These apps/tools listed here are fabulous for students with comprehension, speech, nervousness and stress problems. Depending on the challenge, a student is suffering from, the app designed for that purpose should be used. It is also, important to monitor the student to see when there is an improvement.

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