Practical Tips On How Graduates With Lower Grades Like 2.2 Or Third-Class Can Clinch A Job

How to secure a job with lower grades in Nigeria

It’s not the best to come out with lower grades such as 2.2, or a third-class knowing how terrible it could be getting a job in Nigeria where the few available may be advertised for candidates with distinction or at least a second class upper division. Be that as it may, you having a lower grade can secure a job ahead of these candidates that came out with excellent grades. So if you’ve been worrying over your grade, you should check out this article and find out how to secure a job with lower grades in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, some establishments may accept a 2:2 but with a third class, it can be quite difficult. The fact that you came out with a lower grade shouldn’t deter your effort in becoming the best that you want to become. The deed has been done already, so what you need is to identify where your passion and strength lies. You can secure a job with lower grades in indigenous or foreign enterprises in Nigeria. Although, it looks impossible, however, the ‘I can’ attitude in you must be alive.

For you to achieve this, you need to ask yourself these simple questions, will a master’s or postgraduate study do the trick or getting a professional certificate?

Did you graduate with a 2.2 or a third class? Here are some simple tips to help the graduates of 2.2 and below. Based on the personal views and experiences of others, some of them I know have been very successful despite graduating with a lower division.

Tips on how to secure a job with lower grades in Nigeria

  1. Network

Let’s face reality and not deceive ourselves. Graduating with 2.2 means that the chances of joining one of the largest companies as entry-level employees in Nigeria in the open employment process are lower than others with better grades. Very few companies offer 2.2 graduates, even the slightest chance to prove themselves. So you need to learn more about the network. Improve your skills and improve your communication skills.

By the way, more than 70% of students with 2.2 degrees or less in the last 5 years have found their jobs through social media. Strengthen your social skills. Attend meetings, professional organizations, etc. Provide reliable contacts and industry information. Link to your LinkedIn profile, join creative social groups, and identify with a religious body. Who knows where your helper can come from?


2. Improve your communication skills and confidence

It should be a priority. Communication skills (speaking and writing) greatly increase your chances of getting a job. The difference between equally graduated students is that one person may not be able to speak for himself or herself. Communication and confidence go hand in hand.

3. Go get a technical certificate very quickly

Having a Master’s or getting a 2.2 certificate does not completely erase the error, it improves efficiency. Hopefully, there is a big difference between BSc (2.2) in Accounting and BSc (2.2) in Accounting + ICAN certification. Similar to BSc (2.2) in Electrical Engineering and BSc (2.2) in Software Engineering for Electrical Engineering + MSc (difference). Some companies are willing to look for 2.2 sponsorships for master’s degrees. You can pursue an academic career depending on how good your postgraduate results are. It is recommended that you look for a good certificate program

4. Learn new skills

Your skills will increase the efficiency of your work. Search for the right skills to boost your BSc degree or help you create a career you love. You can learn any of these graphic design, web design, app development, or copywriting/content development. These are among the top in-demand skills and a lot of graduates who decided to create something for themselves are earning from them.

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Can I Further my education with a lower grade like 2.2?

In case you want to further your education after graduating with a 2.2 that can be possible. Many do ask this question can I get a straight master’s degree into any Nigerian university with lower grades like 2.2 or a third class?

This is almost a daily question for university graduates that came with a low second division (2.2). The answer depends on the school, the program, and the grade. For example, most Nigerian universities accept 2.2 but only if your CGPA is not less than 3.0

List of Universities Accepting second division for Masters Division with a GPA of 3.0

  • Ahmed Bello University (ABU)
  • University of Jos (Unijos)
  • University of Benin (Uniben)
  • Taraba State University (TSU)
  • Enugu State University of Science & Technology (ESUT)
  • Ibadan University (UI)
  • Lagos State University (LASU)

 If you read this, you already know that getting any grade master’s programs in Nigeria is not so easy. Many prestigious universities require at least a second degree for a Lower Division Bachelor’s degree, which can be very stressful for people who are less successful in their education.

Please note: These universities may accept lower grades like 2.2 or even a third class but it won’t be a program of your interest!


Students are emphasized on the need to graduate with stellar grades. I will still give the same advice. It is well known that most large companies in Nigeria do not employ undergraduates under 2.1. Many graduates of 2.2 do not have the ample opportunity to prove themselves, though some of them may be better than others. Many graduates in this category end making such excuses for the reason why they are unemployed, while others fight the situation. Whatever the reason that made you come with such a grade, it is time to be proactive.


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