5 Top Countries For Freelancing In Africa

These days, you can work from anywhere as many recruiters now hire freelancers instead of hiring much staff on their payroll. To save cost on the part of the employer, the ability to bid for several jobs for a freelancer, freelancing seems to be better than a full-time job. Freelancing is fast becoming an avenue for wealth and sustainable development for the seemingly unemployed in Africa that also serves as a boost to economic drives. Some countries have stringent and milder policies toward working online. If you want to become a freelancer in any African country, check these countries.

There’re are lots of services to render as a freelancer that cut across several niches and sectors like content creating, animation, graphic designing, copywriting, transcribing/translation, and web development.

African countries have a significant unemployment rate, hence the survivability of young Africans lies in their hands. To this end, becoming a freelancer will not only keep youths engaged, but it will also, reduce social vices that emanate from youth restiveness.

African countries have very limited job opportunities, the available slots may not be evenly allocated, rather than waiting for a so-called ample opportunity to fall from the sky, the need to wear a thinking cap, however, necessitates freelancing which can be combined with a full-time job. Young people in African countries are joining their counterparts in Europe, and America to work from home, however, the policies differ. With the right skill, you can become a freelancer but you need to check the social media laws operating in your country of residence. Here are some best places you can start your freelancing career in AFRICA.

5 top countries to live in as a freelancer in any African country

  1. Mauritius
  2. Rwanda
  3. South Africa
  4. Ghana
  5. Nigeria


Anybody can work online, the country where you reside may determine if you are to continue the journey of a freelancer. If you are planning to live and work as a freelancer in any African country, Mauritius sits on my lists of top countries. in terms of ease of doing business, the country is considered as one of the best places to do freelancing work. Some African countries are ineligible for some freelancing sites, but not in the case of Mauritius as its citizens are easily approved. Mauritius government policies are favourable to online workers. If you’re still making plans on a country to visit for your freelancing career, why not give Mauritius a trial? After your day’s activity, you can visit any of its beaches to unwind.


Recently, Rwanda is fast becoming one of the best countries for ICT. Little wonder, many describe the country as the ‘haven of Africa’. In terms of infrastructure, and good basic amenities, you will carry out your freelancing job in Rwanda comfortably. Rwanda is more of a police state. The present-day government checkmates/ensure that law and order are maintained including all online activities. So, if you are planning to do any illegal online activity in Rwanda, just steer clear, because you will be caught.

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South Africa

The country has some of the best infrastructural designs in Africa. Doing business in South Africa is viable. The only condemnation of living in South Africa for your freelancing job is a possible reoccurrence of the xenophobic attack. Without this, it is time to apply for a visa to South Africa. There is constant electricity to help you work effortlessly.


At the moment, investors are pushing their investments to Ghana. Doing business in Ghana is thriving. Living in Ghana gives you access to a constant power supply and other basic amenities. Cities like Accra and Kumasi are top places to live in. interestingly, the crime rate isn’t much. This is one of the things you should consider if you’re planning to travel to Ghana for your freelancing job.


Blessed with many natural resources, yet the unemployment rate keeps soaring. The best way to get out of this situation is to become a freelancer, where you will have access to the opportunity to work for several sites, choose the number of hours to work. Sadly, Nigerians are not easily accepted to many freelancing sites, however, if you get the chance of being accepted, you get to enjoy the freedom to work without government interference, freedom to work from anywhere, and zero-tax on online job.

Top freelancing sites

Some sites may be recommended as a top freelancing site because of the acceptability rate. However, it may not be completely true to say that these are the best freelancing websites for Africans. If the terms and conditions suit you, and your application is approved, obviously, that site would be among the best for you.

There’re popular freelancing websites like Upwork,, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Toptal, and Asuqu, a Nigerian freelancing site. Check them out.


Becoming a freelancer in any African country will determine some factors like freedom of speech, taxes, internet, and power reliability, quality of living, and safety, and a host of others. The choice is yours.

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