The kind of Exercise You Should Do During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you can still engage in your regular exercises as it keeps you fit and promote the general well-being of your health geared to make delivery much easier. It’s not easy for many pregnant women to continue with their daily workout during pregnancy. For some, the first trimester is a pack filled with complaints. No doubt, pregnancy changes a woman’s emotional and biological state of health. For this sole reason, healthy living lifestyles like exercise, good hygiene, and eating healthily is recommended. Not every exercises are done during pregnancy, a few are recommended. Here are exercises for pregnant women.

Doing mild exercises helps to fight off fatigue in pregnancy. Have you ever noticed that during pregnancy, you may feel tired but once you get up from that bed/couch, the weakness reduces? That’s just one of the ways to conquer fatigue during pregnancy. With this, a pregnant woman who thinks that she cannot do this exercise needs to give this a trial. Doing this kind of exercise can be done every day as you don’t perform any of them for several hours.

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Here are exercises for pregnant women.

  1. Taking a short walk

Do you consider it an exercise? Oh yes, it is. Rather than sitting or, lying all day, take a short walk. Try doing this in the morning and evening. This can be done during pregnancy. It helps keeps the metabolism level in check. Also, taking a short walk exercise during pregnancy helps in proper blood circulation and your baby may enjoy a fitter heart, lower BMI, and boost in brain health.

2. Swimming

exercises for pregnant women

This is one of the recommended exercises for pregnant women but it should be done with caution. During pregnancy, a lot of women complain of having muscle cramps, engaging in aerobic exercise can reduce cramping. When doing this kind of exercise during pregnancy, it advised being mindful of your strokes. Do not do the ones that will add much pressure on your shoulders, trunk, or put pressure on your back. Do this kind of exercise by following these safety tips

  •  Make use of the railing as support when entering the pool to prevent slipping
  • Avoid jumping or diving as this could affect your abdomen
  • Avoid hot tubs, warm pools, steam rooms, and saunas to reduce the danger of overheating

3. Cycling

Pregnant women are allowed to do cycling exercise. It is a good cardiovascular exercise that keeps the entire body fit. Cycling is easy during pregnancy. Here are some of the health benefits of cycling 

  • Cycling exercise helps in raising the heart rate while reducing stress on the pelvis and joints
  • The bike helps in supporting the bodyweight

4. Yoga

There’re various exercises to perform during pregnancy. Speak with your gynaecologist on safe ones to go for. Yoga aids joint flexibility, it keeps you mentally and physically fit. Health benefits of Yoga exercise during pregnancy.

  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Helps in blood circulation
  • Keeps the blood pressure at check
  • Promotes joint flexibility

5. Squatting

Instead of lying down all in the name of having adequate rest, do some squat exercise. This is an indoor exercise you should be doing. It is recommended for pregnant women as squatting could help in opening the pelvis during labor. Perform this exercise daily.

Why you should exercise during pregnancy?

You may think it is ‘uncalled for or strenuous’, however, you should be overly concerned about your health and that of your fetus. Here a few reasons for exercise during pregnancy.

  • Improves the proper flow of blood
  • Reduces muscle cramps and water retention which causes swollen feet.
  • Reduces the chance of gaining excess weight.
  • Reduces heartburn and constipation
  • Improves nervous system

What are the risks of doing exercise during pregnancy?

It can be risky only when you engage in very strenuous exercises that may end putting much pressure on your back, shoulders, or may affect your health or that of your unborn child. Above all, doing things in moderation is what you need and, the type of exercise can be detrimental too.


Exercise is a good way to keep the body fit. During pregnancy, you can still engage in your regular exercises but should be done in moderation. Pregnancy changes so many things in the body, and one of the ways to stay fit is by engaging in exercise. Before you opt for any of the exercises for pregnant women, please, check your blood pressure.


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