4 Vital Medical Tests Intending Couples Must Take Before Marriage.

Once you’ve found the person you want to marry, it is vital you do the needful by undergoing some medical tests. It is very vital for every intending couples. Knowing the health status of your partner can be instrumental to your happiness in your marriage. Apart from that, it has become one of the requirements for most religious bodies for intending couples to provide some medical tests, it is expedient for these persons to understand the risk of not doing it. So, if you’ve seen the person you want to marry, here are vital medical tests before marriage.

Here are 4 medical tests before marriage.

  1. Genotype Test

Knowing the genotype of your partner is very important. Please, do not ignore this medical test simply because of faith, or love. This test is one of the most vital medical tests before marriage that families, churches demand that intending couples must provide. A genotype test is mainly to know the compatibility of couples. For example, it is medically wrong for a person with an AS genotype to marry a person with an AS genotype as the possible result would be having a sickle cell child (SS). Also, it is medically accepted that any person with an AA genotype can marry anyone. What this means is that you can only know the status of your partner only when you go for the genotype test before marriage. 

2. Knowing your HIV/STDs status

‘Aids is real’! Apart from knowing your HIV status, it also vital that you conduct tests on sexually transmitted diseases like Syphilis, staphylococcus, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and C. These diseases can be contracted through sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, mother to child, or sharing of unsterilized objects. So, it is wise for you and your spouse to know your status before making your plans to the next level. If your relationship is barely six months, two of you should run a test on this because you’ve passed the window period. Although, recently, an HIV mother can breastfeed her baby, still at that, check to prevent any reason to say ‘if I had known’.

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3. Blood Group and Rhesus factor Test

This is as important as you checking your genotype. You can’t possibly go for a genotype type without checking your blood group. It is one of the vital medical tests before marriage. A blood group can either be A, B, O, or AB and in some cases, the blood group may belong to another component known as the rhesus. The rhesus blood group can either be + or -. It is very important for intending couples to this test if they’re engaged in premarital sex already because pregnancy can take place. The terrible aspect of it is that if a pregnant woman discovers that she is rhesus negative, the tendency to abort the pregnancy is high, and if she decides to carry the pregnancy to full term without taking the necessary medications, the baby may have a disease condition called hemolytic. In most cases, the baby may not survive. However, a man who is rhesus positive can marry a woman with rhesus negative and produce a rhesus positive child.

4. Fertility Test

Yes, the creator is the giver of children however, there’re a few things to check before tying the knot. Some infections if not properly treated can cause infertility in a man or woman. Therefore, it is important that when you are going for medical tests for marriage, endeavour to run a fertility test. Issues like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), low sperm count, watery sperm, hormonal imbalance, can cause infertility. The good thing about this is that early treatment is always recommended. Waiting until you finally marry before you decide to check all there is never the best.


The reason intending couples go for some of these medical tests before marriage is to ensure that couples know their health status, and from the result, they can now make decisions. It is always advised that couples use the same hospital when going for these medical tests. Also, very importantly, after the results are out, having a second opinion from another hospital is better as in some situations, not all medical results are ‘completely true’. Check another hospital and always use licensed hospitals as the chance of providing inaccurate results are less. Please, for the sake of your unborn child(ren), conduct these medicals tests before marriage. They’re very important. 


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