What Is The Best Way Of Promoting A YouTube Channel?

Getting subscribers to your YouTube channel requires that you create quality content and run promotions. Video-logging is one of the numerous things you can do online to make money. Just like content writing, creating videos to solve a particular problem is money-driving but first, before you join the train of YouTubers, you will need to understand that creating videos is not enough as you will also need to promote your YouTube channel to get adequate traffic. This article will provide answers on the best ways on how to promote YouTube channel.

Do you wish to know the most cost-effective way on how to promote YouTube channel from 0 to 1000 subscribers?

There’re various channels to use in promoting a YouTube channel. All you need is to choose the method that you’re acquainted with. The budget can also be a factor. 

There’re thousands of YouTube channels existing already, some have massive subscribers to their channels, while there is little or zero traffic in others. You can create a YouTube channel today and outrank those you started before you. The question is how do you make your channel one of the fastest-growing channels? Promoting a YouTube channel through advertisement seems like the best option but YouTubers who have no financial means to run ads have other ways on how to promote a YouTube channel.

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Tips on how to optimize your YouTube content

1. Create quality content

‘Content is king’ when it comes to content and video creation. You need quality and well-optimized content for you to start getting traffic to your youtube channel.

2. Use other social media platforms to drive traffic

Your area of specialization or niche will depend on the platform to use. In all, Facebook and Instagram are two major platforms for lead generation and try to get more followers on that site. There are a lot of Facebook groups with communities built to provide interactions on each other’s Youtube videos. Alternatively, you can start building connections using any of the selected platforms just make sure you are consistent and you post useful contents (videos).

3. Know how to use (#) hashtags.

Internet users use the #symbol to search for content online. When using it,do not overuse.

4. Do keyword research

Before you create content, check on the web to know what people are searching for and use the main keyword.


How to promote your YouTube channel

  1. Choose Google-friendly keywords

If you don’t have the money to spend on ads, you should at least use SEO tools to do keyword research. There’re free SEO tools to use. You can start with the free trials and if convinced, then you can subscribe to the plan.

Here’s how to find a Google-friendly keyword for any video:

  • Identify possible keywords with a tool like the Google Ads Keyword Planner, Semrush, or Ubersuggest. Type your seed keyword, do not press enter. It’ll show what users are searching for. With this, it can guide you on the content to create.
  • Scan the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for each keyword.
  • Use clear, catchy headlines

The first thing that attracts a reader to content is the headline or title. Some are catchy, while others can be less inviting. So, if you seek how to promote youtube channels, try using catchy headlines with proper styling.

 Here are tips for creating catchy and descriptive YouTube headlines

  • Keep it brief and conscience:

Have you noticed that most popular YouTube videos have short titles? The trick here is for you not to congest the headline. Better still, maintain the 60 characters or less by so doing, none of the characters will be lost when presented. The idea is to make an internet user see the title clear enough and let it be inviting.

  • Introduce your main keyword

When creating your youtube content, make sure you include your keyword(s) in the first half of the title to avoid losing valued information as many internet users are attracted from the keyword


With proper SEO, youtube channels can start generating traffic. The good thing about SEO is that after you’ve done it, you may not need to continue spending money on it unless it is not well-optimized. On the other hand, if you have the money to spend on advertisement, it is very muck okay as it boosts traffic.

Most YouTubers use various platforms in promoting their youtube channels. When choosing a platform to use, use the one that relates to your niche. Apart from ads which is one of the obvious ways on how to promote youtube channels, start by creating quality content (videos) and do proper keyword. With these tips, in no time, your youtube channel will become one of the most visited.

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