4 Apps To Open A Whatsapp Account With A U.S. Number  

You can use several means to market your brand. There are many ways to do this using software’s which some may be considered a must-have. An example of such is the WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and best social messenger applications for phone users. With the new windows version, it allows users to download the WhatsApp app on the computer. Having the WhatsApp is not new but using an international number like the U.S number is the tricks some regularly search on the internet. Here, you will learn how to open a WhatsApp account with a U.S Number.

It is possible to be in another country, yet use an international number. There are different reasons people go for this option. If your reasons are not hinged on fraud, but for business expansion, then the decision to open a WhatsApp account with a U.S number is cool. 


Getting a U.S number is not a big deal. But there are processes required in getting that. Opening a WhatsApp with a U.S number may not be the same as that operated in your country. One known way of getting a U.S number is by using a VPN. Apart from this, there are other ways to create a WhatsApp account with a U.S number.

  1. Open a U.S Whatsapp Number with 2nd-line App

To create a WhatsApp U.S number, all you need to do is download and install an app from Google play store called 2ndline. This app may not be applied in all countries but if you come from a country where the 2ndline app works download the app and after it has finished downloading, click on get started. You need an area code to register. You will use the code of the United States. Try entering 715. If it does not work, you can also try to use these codes 715, 347, or search for other codes.

Next, click Continue. Now, the 2ndline app will give you a choice to select a contact number from five numbers, and you can choose any number of your choice, this is totally free to choose any number and to use this app, once again, click to continue.

Finally, you got the contact number of the US, just copy your US number and open your WhatsApp, then select the country code of the United States and paste the copied number and again click Next.

Now you have your us number for WhatsApp verification, hold on for a minute and then click to call me.

Then you will receive a call and they will give you a verification code. That’s it, you can now use it as needed, and it will create your U.S number WhatsApp.

Sometimes, you may get a blocked number when searching for a U.S number for your WhatsApp verification. Just try repeating the steps. This time, change the country code. Create an account with the 2ndline app again and generate your Whatsapp number by changing country code.

2. Create a U.S Whatsapp Number with Talk2 PH App

You tried the first option and it didn’t work, why not try the Talk2 PH app? Visit google play store and download the app. Once the installation process is completed. You can use the following way of a U.S number generator for WhatsApp very quickly and can get your Whatsapp code. Run the Talk2 PH app for registration of your number. Now verify your real mobile number with the talk2 PH app. Click on Menu, and you will find your number with +63 code. Verify your new number on WhatsApp through call or SMS. 

3. Use Primo App to Get a US Whatsapp Number

Check if this app is available in your home country. If it does, then you can open a WhatsApp account with a U.S. Number comfortably. The very first step you need to do is to install the Primo application on your phone from Google play store. 

  • After installation of the application, you have to run the application, which will require you to register an account with the app. 
  • After that, you must provide your real mobile phone number (that is in use) to verify your registered account. Enter the details and click the submit button.
  • After the verification of your number, you will all get a free virtual number.
  • You will find a virtual contact number in the lower right corner of the app that can use as a U.S Whatsapp number
  • Now you have to open WhatsApp if you already logged into WhatsApp with your real number, then log out of the account. 
  • From the beginning of Whatsapp registration. Choose +1 as your country code because the number you want to use is a US number. 
  • Enter the temporary phone number that you copied from the Primo application and click Continue.
  • Now you have to verify your Whatsapp number. This can be done in two ways, either through a call or an SMS. It is better to select the option to call me. Receive a call from the Primo app of WhatsApp. Join the call and write down the verification code for the activation of the U.S mobile number for WhatsApp.

 4. Create a U.S Whatsapp Number with Hushed App

Another unique way to open a WhatsApp account with a U.S number is to download the Hushed app. The downloading of the Hushed private number app is very easy. Amazingly, the app uses the operating system as an alternative to a dedicated device to operate. It is available for both types of Android and iOS devices. Here are steps on how to set up the Hushed app on your device. 

Get the app from IOS or Google Play store and download it in your device. 

  • After downloading the Hushed app, you have to register through your email for the service. 
  • After registration, you can create your own number.
  • Select a country for which you want to get us a number for WhatsApp. (Comes with a fee
  • Create any personalize several private numbers, and name them accordingly. 
  • You can select one number for a new online appointment, and for a new business separately, it is easy to identify them.

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The process looks difficult but not impossible. The point is that you can create a WhatsApp account with a U.S number. Apart from these apps listed here, there are other free virtual number apps available in the Google Play Store, such as the Voxox app. If any of these doesn’t work, try the Voxox app. The installation process is quite simple. You can use these apps to activate WhatsApp with a U.S number. Interestingly, you can also use this Whatsapp for other applications and websites. You can also use this number to verify your social media apps such as Facebook, Snap Chat, and other online platforms.


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