Malice In Marriage: How to Overcome And Handle This ‘Home Breaker’ In Your Marriage

Understanding is one of the ingredients of marriage. Once in a while, married couples see themselves argue on trivial issues and failing to resolve the issue may escalate. It’s abysmal to see couples living under the same roof go for days without talking to each other. Such silence in the home can hurt the marriage. If you’re not in talking terms with your spouse simply because he/she is yet to apologize, that doesn’t sound right. No communication or malice in marriage can develop more problems.
If this method seem like the perfect way to get at your spouse, your marriage may hit the rock if you continue with your pride. Malice in marriage is one of the issues most couples complain of. If you’re experiencing malice in your marriage, there are few tips on how you can overcome it. Once in a while, couples have misunderstanding and only those who are matured at heart, who understand the principles of marriage knows how to handle this ‘home breaker’. Whenever, couples are unable to resolve the issue, it leads to malice. It is shocking to see a husband and wife live in the same apartment, still they don’t talk. How do expect the marriage to bloom? Communication gap can ruin a marriage.
Marriage shouldn’t be handled as a relationship (boy/girl friend). Now that you’re married, you should take charge. Treat it with care. Many at times, it is the woman that ensures that the marriage is healthy. Therefore, if you must overcome malice in your marriage, here are a few tips on how to handle it.

Tips on how to overcome and handle malice in your marriage

1. Avoid unnecessary argument with your spouse.

People disagree when they don’t buy an idea. In marriage, you have to be careful especially, you the woman. Disagreement is the main thing that cause malice in marriage. Every wise woman does everything to build her home. During courtship, there are a few things you must have known about your spouse. Now that you are legally married, avoiding those things will help your marriage. Argument will come up, but once you noticed that the discussion with your spouse is becoming hostile, please, end the discussion. Even if you are trying to state your point, always use polite words. Better still, for peace to reign, just stop and end it happily because, if you persist, one of you may use an abusive word that may bridge communication in the home.

2. Apologize even when you are not at fault.

The word ‘I’m sorry heals. It doesn’t make you stupid. To overcome malice, never you go to bed without solving any issue. Most times, it a little disagreement that results to malice. Women are calmer in nature. So, if you are having any issue with your husband, please, always apologize. No need to wear a long face. Remember, the man is the head of the family. And you the man, you should also admit your fault and tender apology when you offend your wife. Saying Am sorry, doesn’t portray you weak, in fact it increases the love she has for you. Also, it shows how matured you are. Proving a point or keeping malice with your wife will not even make you happy either.

3. Figure out what is causing the problem

Try to figure exactly what is causing malice in your marriage. If all of a sudden, your gist buddy suddenly stops talking to you, please, do not wait forever, before you confront him/her and if the situation appear bigger than you, get a third-party (family member).

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Malice in marriage should be avoided. There is no situation that can’t be handled. You can overcome it by simply avoiding what can possibly cause it. And whenever it sets in, you can handle it by being the first to break the silence. In marriage, ‘two is one’. Swallow your pride, and always use the word’ AM sorry’, for peace sake. Always remember, that two wrongs can’t make a right. As for women, it is said ‘A good wife builds her home. So don’t use your hands to scatter it. For men, remember, you’re the head and the cover of the head of your wife.
If there are things you think are not working fine, politely discuss it with your spouse. With these tips, you can overcome malice and handle it in your marriage.


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