Things You Should Not Do During A Phone Interview

These days, some companies use phone interviews during their recruitment process. For you to secure the job, you must avoid any distraction and pay attention to questions as you would do in a physical interview. Most phones interviews are pre-arranged, meaning that the candidate will be duly informed on the date and time for the interview. Therefore, you must be prepared and do everything possible to be available for the interview. So, if you are billed for a phone interview, there are things you need to avoid.

Things You Should not do during a Phone Interview


1. Avoid Noisy Background

If you’ve been scheduled for a phone interview, look for a quiet place to answer the call. It is wrong for your interviewers to hear noises in the background during the interview. If you’ve kids, it is better to move out of the house because they will distract you more especially if it is a video call. Background noises make it seem like you are not prepared for the interview.

  1. Don’t keep the interviewers waiting

The phone interview is not for formality sake. Do not appear late for the interview. If the time for the interview is slated for, make sure you are available. Make sure you have a strong and reliable battery because you do not know long the interview would last. And if you are expected to hold the interview via video call, make sure you sign in on time so that you don’t keep the recruiters waiting.

3 Be focused

Yes, it is called a phone interview which gives you the opportunity to multitask but you shouldn’t do that because that can easily get you distracted and the interviewers are smart enough to know when you are not paying adequate attention. Stay focused and allow the interview session expire before you can attend to other things which you consider important. For example, during a phone interview, you may fill pressed and decide to go use the restroom, or even try fixing something in the kitchen. Trying to handle both things is not smartness but foolishness. One step at a time, you will conquer.

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4. Don’t be too quick to discuss pay during the phone interview

Try as much as possible to skip the payment aspect as it will sound as if you are only after the payment and not committed to the job. Certainly, you will be paid for the service you will be hired to do. It’s better to here from the horse’s mouth to know how much you will be paid if you are eventually hired.

  1. Putting your Interviewer on hold is rude

Please never, you put your recruiter on hold. During your phone interview, don’t pause your interview to answer another call or talk to someone else in the background. If it a network issue, be plain and explain to your recruiter to either call back or reschedule the interview. You do not place the call on hold is rather ‘rude’.


Always take any phone interview seriously and never you skip any question thrown at you. Whatever question you don’t understand, politely, ask the recruiter to repeat it. And the end of the interview feel free to ask questions as it relates to the job but don’t talk about the salary. If you’re hired, an appointment letter would be sent to you with the payment stated therein. It’s your choice to accept or decline the offer.



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