Security: Police out for people with illegal ammunition

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has again sent another signal to Nigerians and non-Nigerians who ate in possession of ammunition and weapons without the appropriate licence to voluntarily submit them to security operatives as the government will begin to clam on all persons in possession of illegal ammunition.

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In a statement released by the force public relations department on Sunday through the NPC twitter handle where the force called on the general public to submit all illegal ammunition in their possession to the police voluntarily or face the law.

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“If you are not authorized to use it, why in possession of these firearms? Voluntarily surrender them or we will come after you, ” the statement reads in part.

The NPF further went further to list categories of weapons and ammunition in these categories of unauthorised firearms.

Police out for people with illegal ammunition

It says, “Artillery, rocket weapons, bomb and grenades, machine guns, pistols and revolvers,  pump-actions and other prohibited firearms and weapons”.

It has now become the duties of those in possession of the said weapons or others that are in such categories to go and voluntarily submit them at the police station.

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