Helping the needy is an act religious scholars should emulate – Alfa Ahmad

A popular Islamic scholar, Alfa Ahmad Al-Fulanny, has urged religious scholars to start preaching and practicing act that will help the needy, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the globe.

Al-Fulanny, as popularly known for sharing gifts on television during Ramadan, said most people taking to crime or suicide are doing it because they are in need and help is not coming forth from family and friends.

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According to the Sebilu Nnajat initiator, some self acclaimed scholars are worried about his progress in life as he keeps helping the needy through his foundation. He said many Nigerians want to help the needy but people to entrust such with has been their challenges.

When asked about his bottle neck in helping people, Alfa Ahmad Olanrewaju Al-Fulanny said the self acclaimed scholars had resulted in blackmailing him through picture editor softwares, painting his personality black but Allah has been fighting his course for him.

On his sponsors, Al-Fulanny said he has a foundation called Isobatul Khaer Islamic Foundation. He said many people are getting food, apartments, scholarships, healthcare financing and holy pilgrimage as well meaning Nigerians home and abroad are willing to help those that ate genuinely in need of such.

According to reports, many Nigerians has benefited free or discounted landed properties from Al-Fulanny Islamic Estates in Lagos, Ibadan, Ilorin and Abeokuta. He said those that got it for free won it as a prize from his quiz on Sebilu Nnajat Television programme during Ramadan.

In his believe, the Ilorin, Kwara State born Alfa, if everyone can help some, it will be a better world. He said he remain committed and undistracted in helping people, irrespective of their religion, tribe or class.

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