Goni Zakari bags philanthropic award as he powers water project

Life can only be worth living when people see the need and importance of making living meaningful for the indigent and the downtrodden. Many people are not finding life easy and rossy but there are very few people who make sure the needy get help and one of them is Rotarian Goni Zakari.

Goni Zakari has contributed immensely to the development of the society in several parts of Nigeria most especially in Lagos, Ogun State among other states. One of the basic amenities of life is adequate water which is sometimes difficult to find in places where we have indigents and the poor.

The Rotary Club of Ajuwon sited in Ogun State constructed borehole to supply water for the people of Ajuwon Community where residents travel miles before they could get water to drink or bath.

Due to the enormity of the project, Rotarian Goni Zakari of the Rotary Club of Amuwo partnered with the club and finance the borehole project and this made the club recognize him for giving hope to the hopeless.

The Borehole Project has also been named after the philanthropist. Goni Zakari has been given a Philanthropic Award by the Rotary Club of Ajuwon duly signed by the United President of the Club, Rotarian Akinbobola Henry.

Speaking with GOVTORS; the president said, “this community have always found it tasking and difficult to get adequate water for their use but with this and support from our partner, Rotarian Zakari, the stress is now a thing of the past”, Akinbobola said.

He further described Goni has a man who loves to put a smile in the faces of people most especially the poorest of the poor, the poor, the indigents and the needy.

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