True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

The paths that broke us apart is a true-live and love story of two love birds, Okanlawo and Olaitan. Both of them are students of one of the most prestigious polytechnics in Nigeria. They both met on campus through one of the service-oriented and capacity building clubs in the school.

Olaitan uses to be a final year student and will be rounding up with her Ordinary National Diploma (OND) while Okanlawon just gains admission into the institution to study his Higher National Diploma.

Olaitan is a bit above 5ft tall, relatively fair and as pretty as beautiful. She got wonderful curves, oblong face with about size 32boobs and a very cutie figure with a quite small round sizeable butts.


Exclusive 18+ Our Paths That Broke us apart

Okanlawon, on the other hand, is 5.9ft tall, averagely slim, dark, brilliant and quite good looking that many ladies will love to come around him.

Their love story began the day Okanlawon visited the humanitarian service club of the institution where Olaitan is a member and a board of director for that session. However, Okanlawon is not new to the club as he has been a member right from home and also a club president during his OND days so he is not a fresher as far as the club is concerned.

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Okanlawon’s choice of woman or kind of lady is everything Olaitan got in her feminine feature except the skin type which is very close to what Okanlawon loves.


Olaitan’s beauty and her attitude to life and human-made Okanlawon developed a likeness for her the very first day they met at the meeting. He tried all he could to ensure they share seats but there was no way they could because she seated on the high table while he sat with the other members on the other side.

Throughout the meeting for the day, Okanlawon could not take his eyes off her and right there he said he will love to know more about her and see if they both can build a future together.

Olaitan as at that time should be in her very early 20s while Okanlawon in late 20s. For him being at the higher class then was in dear need of a serious relationship before he finished his service year, then he can settle down and by then Olaitan too should be in his final year for her HND programme too.

As fate will have it, two weeks after, Hadizzar Club (not the real name of the club) organized a seminar in the school.

It was time for all members to merry and group photograph time. Olaitan innocently stood right beside Okanlawon and rested freely on him for the first shot. He held her slightly and she did the same in a more firm manner.

(At this point let me take the role of Okanlawon)

I (Okanlawon) never sees this as a sign, signal or take advantage of her choice of photo style but I see that as another very peaceful and loving part of her that I was looking forward to finding out and because she was so free with me and everyone then, it shows she has a very good and pure heart to life.

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We both got talking that same day and that was because I like her so much. Although it may sound silly to like a lady that much what I felt for her kept growing right from the very first meeting.

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

I requested for her contact and she gave me not knowing I already developed a more than club a member feeling. The meeting ended around 6pm and everybody left the venue for their various hostels and those of us that stay off-campus went to our different places. The parts we stayed was not our paths that broke us apart but religion as I am a Muslim but Olaitan is a Christian.

Around 7pm that same day, I called my crush although she is much younger than myself but she behaves very mature. We only talked about Hadizzar Club and the next project. We both agreed to see how the club will wax stronger and stronger.

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I always wish we ran into each other before the next meeting so that we can tet-a-tet. Alas, the meeting day is here and that very day I told her what I feel for her because I do not want to take chances before another guy comes around again.

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

Right in my heart of heart, I knew she can never be single but I needed to get much closer for me to really know who truly she is.

My guess was very accurate, though she did not inform me in the first four weeks of me trying to get her to my side. She finally told me about her lover at Abeokuta and why she cannot say YES to my request. I never relented because my instinct keeps telling me to press further. I never wanted that to be Our paths that broke us apart since it can be worked on.

As at that time, I was contesting for the post of the Student Union President of the institution and majority of the club members stood by me and Olaitan was not an exception.

While I run my campaign in the school, I still find time to see Olaitan because that is where my heart is but she kept turning me down.

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

She stays off-campus like me but our places are a bit far from each other but close to my friend’s place. My friend Yemi is my Campaign Director-General and I spend better parts of my days after school at Yemi’s place to strategize on how to win the election.

I invited Olaitan over to my friend’s place in an evening and she came at about 5:30pm. We sat on Yemi’s bed and we got talking about my campaign and other challenges. Her concern lights up another fire in me and I could not hold it any longer.

I tried to kiss her but she refused. I tried as much as I can to convince her into kissing me that moment but she kept singing the same song. We were together for hours until she told me she was going to meet a friend at The Unification (a garment church not far from Yemi’s place).

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

I accompany her out of the compound of the building as the church is a stone throw. I went back to my friend’s room and this time, Yemi is back in the room and he asked how it all went.

“Okanla how far, I no here any sound na”, he said.

“She was not in the mood and I cannot force her against her wish. All I even wanted was just a kiss and she said no. So I let her be”, I said.

The expression on his face was not too friendly towards me, he said she saying no does not means she never wanted it but I told him that even if we had kissed, smooched and she asked me to stop, I will.

I do not want to lose Olaitan for anything and I do not want that to be Our paths that broke us apart or that will make us go our separate ways.

That night I and Olaitan chatted for hours and I still continue to tell her how much I love her. And truly I love her for real.


Days passed, weeks passed and welcome the day I had been waiting for and that was the day for my election as the president of our students’ union government of our institution that session.

I will not want to bore you with how the election went but how my victory was announced and how I celebrated it.

Being a Muslim, I was praying at the institution mosque not far from the school’s library when my friend Akeem and Yemi ran to the mosque to inform me of my victory. Getting out of the mosque, I saw over 40 students waiting to rejoice with me. I gladly joined them and appreciated them for their support and for standing by me.

The news had already circulated in the entire school and many wanted to see the newly elected president of the student union. I went to the Assembly Hall with my followers where other students were celebrating with other newly elected executives.

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

Athe hall that day by my estimate, we should have over 300students right there.

I sighted Olaitan from afar coming towards the hall so I stayed with other students since I already knew she was coming towards my side. On getting to me, she said congratulation and hugged me holistically. I gladly accepted the hug because that was not the first time we will be hugging each other.

She wanted to end the hug but I held her waist and I kissed her right in the presence of everyone not minding my new status. She was so surprised and she never responded to the kisses. She only let me do my thing then I told her right there that I love her a lot.

I immediately left her,  focused on the other students and other activities at the venue. That night I could not sleep in my house for political reasons. I went to my course mate’s place, Adesokan.

Adesokan had earlier searched everywhere for me and she was so happy to see me.

Immediately she saw me, she ran to me with open hands and we celebrated our victory together because my ticket was a departmental ticket.

I slept at Adesokan’s that night and the next day I went to my house and get set for school. Our second-semester examination was as fast approaching and preparation is on top gear.

Olaitan wanted to go home for before the final examination and I called her to know when she will be back and she said it’s just for few days. I asked her if we will be seeing before going and she said she will be coming to my place the following day which is a day before her trip home.

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

I could not sleep all the night, I was looking forward to meeting the love of my life and alas at about 7:30pm I heard a knock on my door, it was Dan, my landlady’s boy. He came to get his phone as I usually charge his phone for him.

I gave him the phone and he replaced it with a rechargeable lamp for charging. A few minutes later, PHCH struck as usual and everywhere was dark. Again, another knock on my door.

I was furious because Olaitan’s arrival was already bleak. Olaitan has taken a very big spot in my heart and that was because I truly love her because she got all the physical appearance I have been looking for in a woman couple with hearing beautiful.

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

It was already past 9:00pm and I already knew Olaitan was not going to come again. I opened the door and found Dan on my door again. I was already taking solace checking some of Olaitan’s pictures I have on my phone when Dan told me that my landlady wants to see me.

I do not even have an idea of what mama wants to see me for. I dropped my phone and head toward the main entrance as it is close to my landlady’s sitting room.

She asked me why would I ask a guest to come to the house at night when I knew that doors locked at 9pm. I told mama that my guest was coming from far meanwhile I do not even know who it could be at that time but I knew it must be one of my friends.

She gave me the entrance key and I went straight to the door and called Blackky my goon because I knew he is one of the night crawlers friend I got.

“Okanlawon opens the door it’s me”, its Olaitan the voice said.

I felt a very sweet melody from nowhere, it was as if I heard the DJ played my favourite vibe. I opened the door for her to come in. She had the flashlight of her phone on as the whole place was dark.

Immediately she entered I asked her why she was that late. She only hugged me and said now she is finally here. She finds her way into my room while I was busy locking the door and I gave the keys to Dan. I never knew that was the beginning of our paths that broke us apart.

It was not her first time of coming to my place as club executives do come to my house for meetings and strategies being a past president and a very experienced member and at that time I was holding a national position in the club.


I went back to Mama to pled on behalf of my guest. I lied to grandma that my guest was coming from Lagos because I do not want her to have a bad impression of Olaitan. I went back to my room to meet my dream girl.

The room was a bit lit as her flashlight illuminated the room. I offered her food but she said she has already gotten what she would love to take. She brought out a Pet Team drink from her mini bag.

“Is this what you want to eat”, I queried.

“With this, I will be fine”, She said.

At that moment I thought she had eaten and thinking she only wanted the drink for refreshment. She only took about half of the drink.

We talked for a few moments and she asked the big question. She wanted to know if I had another lady I was dating and I answered her in all honesty that I got no one but her.

The countenance on her face tells that she never believed me. I did nothing to convince her because I knew I got none and with time she will see things herself. I did not bother to ask her same because my mission was to take her away from whoever she could be in a relationship with at that moment.

We both sat on my 4 by 6, “12” bed size. We sat very close to each other while we talk. I never knew we had talked for that long and it was around 11:25pm on that faithful day. She told me that she was travelling home the next day to prepare for our second-semester examination.“I will be back in a few days because I do not really have cash on me again and I really needed to get foodstuffs from home. I had to come here tonight because you have always asked me to”, she said.

I only took a deep breath and appreciated her for coming. All I needed at that moment was to kiss and cuddle her before we both fall asleep. I tried to kiss her the way I have always wanted but she bluntly rejected the kiss again and I let her be because I never for a moment wants her hurt.

She was looking very radiant and more beautiful. I stood up to get the dress for the night because I still have my jeans and shirt on. I went to pull off my trousers and the shirt leaving me with my boxers and I left to ease myself at the gent.

On getting back, she is already set to sleep as I met her on the bed pressing her phone and this time the flashlight was off. I joined her on the bed and assures her of my love for her. She dropped her phone and moved closer to me. She kissed me so passionately that I had a huge bulge in between my legs.

We kept kissing and caressing each other’s body.

” Do you love me, ?” Olaitan asked.

“Yes, I do,” I answered.

“That all I wanted to hear,” Olaitan said, satisfied with the answer.

We begin to French kiss again and our tongues danced with each other. I started to fondle her small size breast through the white shirt which I got an instant response from her with her moaning. I gently played with them, rolling them in his fingers and making her crazy with desire. I started to kiss her around her neck and nibbled on her ear softly.

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

As I kissed her there, my hands were roaming free on her body, feeling her through her pant trousers with its smooth silk material rubbing against her. She loved it and told me so. She touched me too, feeling all over my skin, sending shockwaves through me. I removed her shirt and again was shocked by her naked half body. Her whole body showed little to no signs of excess fat. She was slim and trim from head to toe. Her legs were smooth as the silk trousers she was wearing.

Her ass was round and firm, perfect for her body. Her breasts were small as I like it. They fit like a jigsaw puzzle. I immediately went for her breasts. I kissed the left one from the top to the nipple and start to suck on the nipple. “God, I  feel so… good,” Olaitan exclaimed through a low moan. She still rubs all over my body under my T-shirt which made me suck harder.

True-life story 18: The part that broke us apart

Then repeated the same with her right nipple after she took off her bra and was rubbing my dick from my boxers. I had a medium buildup in between my legs, but Olaitan couldn’t care less what I looked like with the way I was making her feel. She started to stoke my semi-hard cock with her fingers in my underwear.

It drove me wild with desire. I stopped for a second to see what she was up too.

We are both enjoying the moment that night, I tried to pull down her trousers so that I can have more view of her body. She held my hands preventing me from and I relaxed.

I asked her what was wrong and she said it’s not yet right for that. She said she only come around because she never wanted me to miss her so much for those moments she will be out of sight.

We spent the whole night caressing each other’s body and kissing. I tried to make love to her that night but she refused even when I noticed she was really in the mood. I obeyed her at the peak because I do not want to lose her for anything.

The next day, she travelled to her parent’s place at Osogbo while I stayed back in school to plan with other newly elected Student Union Executives.


Our Paths that broke us apart … to be continued…

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