Oshodi-Isolo Local Government intervene to solve community perennial flooding

Oshodi-Isolo Local Government through the office of the secretary to the Local Government and special adviser on the community on 22nd July 2020 invited Oluyeye Dosumu CDA , Shamura Sunmonu Salako CDA and pastor Ajayi to dialogue and find solutions to the perennial flooding in the community which Pastor Ajayi has been accused of blocking the drainage through his building.

Hon. Tahoeed Abiola implored all parties involved in the mediation to sheath their swords and critically find a lasting solution especially considering the fact the rainy season is here again and safety of the people and their properties should be paramount.

Pastor Ajayi while explaining his position on the issue presented his letter of approval for the construction of his building from the Lagos state government and promised to render assistance to the community to have the issue resolved.

Local government inspection fact-finding team who had earlier visited the area submitted that the transformer is re-located and allow the water to flow along its own natural channel at the junction of Saubana and Ogunlana street into Baderin street channel a position the Lagos ministry of environment and urban renewal maintained on the issue after their assessment of the situation.

At the end of the dialogue, it was resolved that the present position of the community transformer blocked the water channel which resulted in the perennial flooding experienced in Sumonu, Saubana and Baderin street.

Both parties agreed to invite Ikeja electric for the cost implication to lift the transformer and allows for the drainage to be properly channelled. While Local Government engineer was mandated to guide the community with the reconstruction and repositioning of the transformer.

Alhaji KY Shobiye on behalf of the community thanked the local government authority for their intervention to have the issue resolved amicably and Pastor Ajayi agreed to assist the community once the cost of re-positioning the transformer is compiled.
Mrs Adesanya represented Oluyeye CDA, Alhaji KY Shobiye represented Shamura Sunmonu Salako CDA , Hon. Macarthy, Hon.Yussuf Adesanya, Hon.Ganiu Mejindade , Egnr Afolabi, Sanitarian Akeem Adeoye Alhaji Wasiu Aregbe were present at the meeting.

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