Police Arrest criminal, asks his girlfriend who disvirgin her.

The Nigerian Police during an operation in search of a kidnapper and armed robber in a yet to be known location as a video surfaced on the pages of social media where men of alleged to be members of the police force videoed and captured a Nigerian fresh female graduate from the University of Ibadan.

In the video, the supposed police officer was asking the innocent fresh graduate some questions that is likened to be tailored towards sexual assault or harassment. The policeman in question who used a mobile phone to record the scene did not capture the real suspect they came to arrest but only the innocent girl.


Several Nigerian and twitter users have since reacted to the video condemning the mode of operation of the police on the matter.

The University of Ibadan graduate is captured crying and saying she is innocent of being an ally. Meanwhile many Nigerians are of the opinion that those police on that operation are Agbero which were just upgraded to The Police.


“It’s appalling that the said kidnapper is not videotaped and put on social media but the poor girl. This is a sick country. See the way the girl is treated. That police officer will rape the girl. The parents of the girl should sue them. This is totally wrong”,  @bimokp tweeted.

“See me see question. Nigeria police will never cease 2 amaze me.d fool even video himself asking stupid questions 2 show hw daft he is.witout gun Nigeria Police r just upgraded Agberos”, @godson770 tweets.



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