Embracing African fashion: African Prints Now An Outfit for All

The uniqueness and creative prowess of African designers are enthralling. African fashion in recent times is attracting global recognition not just for Africans alone. Westerners are beginning to cherish African fashion.

African fashion does not only come in garments. Some of the designs can come in bags, jewellery, and shoes.

The illusion many especially women had concerning African fashion can only be described as ‘’ myopic’’. Wearing an African outfit doesn’t in any way downgrade your personality, rather, it gives you a sense of distinctiveness.

Women take the lead when it comes to the fashion business. Trending outfits are wears that some women would consider as a must-have.

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African fashion: Bringing out the Uniqueness in you.

Are you still sceptical about whether you should try an African outfit? First, as an African, your identity should be of great value to you.

Rocking an African attire may appear archaic to some women who still pitch their fancies only on foreign or western wears. African print dress is an embodiment of the African tradition.

African prints are considered one of the very best within and outside the length and breadth of the continent of Africa.

Embracing African fashion brings the Africanness in you. The styles, quality, and blend of colours will tickle your fancy.

The craftsmanship of African designers is splendid. Some of these designs combine western and traditional fabrics

Why women should embrace African fashion

It’ll amaze you to see the level of attraction you get wearing an African print. If you’re the type that likes to be noticed, an African print dress should be a must-have.

African prints are unique. The uniqueness of African prints is one of the reasons women go for the outfits. African print dresses can be worn for various purposes. It comes in different styles and can be worn for various reasons.

There’re quite many African fabrics made from kente, super wax, Ankara, kitenge, that are used to produce these smart-looking outfits.

Here’re some trendy African print dresses.



  1. Dashiki dress for women

Afric an fashion

2. Ankara maxi dress

African fashion

3. Off-shoulder African print dress

African fashion

4. African cape dress

African fashion

5. African print bodycon fitted dress

African fashion

6. Tube mermaid African dress

African fashion


 You can also get gorgeous African prints in skirts.

African prints skirts.

African print skirts are elegant. Using Ankara or super wax fabric to make a skirt can be lovely.

There are different styles of African print skirts. The style may warrant where you wear the outfit too.

Skirts, made with African prints can be worn as casuals and also serve as corporate wears.

These skirts can come in different sizes either long or short skirts. The decision on which to buy or sew is entirely yours.

Here are trendy African print skirts


  1. African print high waist skirt

2. African print pencil skirts

3. African maxi skirts


Wearing African print dress does not come cheap either, does it make you feel inferior. African fashion gives you a tradition and a unique look.

The styles and designs are quite attractive. You can go for either a long or short print dress. Try one today and get all the attention you so desired.

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