Children’s Day Celebration: Every Child Deserves The Best.

May 27, is celebrated as children’s day in Nigeria. The significance of this celebration is to appreciate and give every child a sense of belonging.

Children are special and deserve the best. Celebrating the future leaders of tomorrow is a role not just for parents, guardians but for the government as well.

The right to education and good nutrition are some of the key features always in the limelight as these issues are what many children from developing countries are faced with.

This is why the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF), an agency saddled with the responsibility to providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide, has developed several programs to enable children to enjoy quality lives ranging from; Healthcare, education, and even funding.

Giving every child the basic need of life will not only make a child feel loved but it will shape and groom the child into becoming a global citizen and help reduce juvenile delinquencies in society.

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children’s day
Cartoon picture of children celebrating the children’s day

In recent times, some children have been adopted as child soldiers by terrorist groups. The increasing rate is alarming that if not put into check, things may get worse than the way it is now.

Expectedly, it is the responsibility of every parent to send a child to school to enable the child to get a proper education. Birthing a child and denying him/her education is a crime and there should be a penalty to defaulters.

But this can only happen if the government signs it into law, hence, no child will be denied the basic education.

Children’s day: How can children be loved by parents/guardians/government?

Giving a child the care and attention will make a child feel loved and secured. However, when a child is denied those things enjoyed by other children, it may cause an upheaval in the nearest future.

The tips to make a child feel loved by parents/governments are:

  1. Access to Education
    Education plays an important role in having a better society. Most times, children who are not enrolled in school usually engage in one crime or the other. Therefore, it is imperative to make education compulsory and free which serves as a motivating factor for a child to go to school and in turn can also, help curb societal vices.

There are private and public learning institutions. The government can make its public institutions free from primary down to secondary school as its quota in fulfilling goal no. 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of wanting everyone to have access to inclusive, equitable quality education.

2. Make Learning Interesting
The era of technology has made education interesting and pleasurable. Technology increases students’ engagement in the classroom.

Truants who skip classes maybe because of the lack of interest in certain subjects. Therefore, using technology to tech can increase classroom performances.

Children’s day: How to use technology to increase students’ engagement?

You can now use technology to teach children and make learning to be interesting by using a learning device like the projectors and Ipads. It makes children learn fast and it improves engagement in the classroom.

Using a learning tool to instruct is simple and exciting. It helps build intellectual and personal skills in children.

3. Provide Free Meals in Schools
Nigeria, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and India are some of the countries that provide free school meals to all pupils in compulsory education, regardless of their ability to pay. This gesture is geared to improve attendance rates.

In Nigeria, a school feeding programme is currently running. Interestingly, many countries, are walking through this route to boost the morale of a child.

The lack of nutrition and poor physical health of children impelled the introduction of the Education (Provision of Meals) Act 1906, which gave local authorities the power to provide free meals in schools.

4. Makes Schools Child- Friendly
The education they say is ‘the bedrock of society’. A literate society can also have a crime-reduced environment.

Studying in a conducive environment can keep a child motivated. Fixing dilapidated structures, providing learning materials will improve learning.

Schools where children still sit on bare floors, go to school without school uniforms may be discouraged to go to school.
This is where government, civil society organizations, comes in to help remedy the situation.


Children’s day is celebrated every May 27. This day is set aside to discuss issues that bother children.

It is also, important to celebrate a child every day. Parents should show love and bond with their children.

Every child is important and should be given equal rights. Governments on their parts should be transparent in the school feeding programme thereby extending it to all the states across the country.

Although Children’s day is a holiday for teachers and students, it is a duty for all to appreciate and give the future leaders of tomorrow a word of encouragement.

Happy children’s day!

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