SAD: See How women kill their men unknowingly

How women kill their men unknowingly is what the majority of women do not realize. They take life to be too aggressive and confronting in maters of the men.

Women had been advised to always give their husbands peace at home and lend a supporting hand to as this will ease the load of supplying for the entire.

A doctor, who genuinely identified herself as a nurse, opined that there are extra widows than widowers.

Her message posted on the Facebook, the nurse referred to most of the deaths of married men are pressure related, ”I am a Nurse and I’m able to proudly let you know that”.

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Often times most wives don’t know that their husbands are doing a lot for the family till the bad guy is useless and long gone?

How Women Kill Their Men Early Unknowingly, Nurse Shares Some Light. “This is when the wife realizes the enormity of duty the husband become sporting. Other women want to apprehend and provide their husband’s peace at domestic while others will prefer to make their husband’s life miserable for some non-important issues.

“Are guys now not trying? How can an African man with all forms of masses and obligations be predicted to be as romantic as an American man? This is not possible and can only be seen in movies or love table books.

African men shoulder a lot of responsibilities as this is a fact. Although some men shy away from their duties but the mentality of African man is to provide all the needs of the family.

This is evident enough is every man and attesting to that is all that usually happen during courtship and relationship. Most ladies want to go visit their boyfriend, fiance or husband to be as the case may be; they will still be asking the man in question to send transport fair.

This is not right as it is not mandatory to visit your man if you have nothing to offer him. Oh! SEX, that is worthless, that same-sex can be gotten elsewhere for free or for as little as five hundred Naira. As a lady, we need to stop this kind of irrational thinking as this takes you nowhere in this century.

“Ladies, please give your husbands peace at home. Inspire your husbands. Stop being sarcastic to them”, she warned.

Being problematic to your husband will only fast track your induction into the widow’s gang at a tender age.

“The widow’s club is not funny, ask members”.

She further advised ladies to be helpful in the home, “Be a helper. Be submissive. Prevent nagging. Build your home and marriage. It is not greener out of doors there.

“Don’t be deceived, assist your husband to stay longer. Avoid speeding to enrol in the widows club.

She further acknowledged the fact that men are more powerful and energetic but they die younger than the women due to the kind of stress they go through either emotional, psychological and more

“Guys are physically more potent however die easily from an excessive amount of burdens”. It’s far better overdue than sorry”, she retorted.

Men are not as emotional as women who will carry out heavy heart rather men will take it in and pretend all is well. This usually happens to men a lot of time and it accumulates over time. As time goes on, they will result in nights out with friends just to avoid the nagging wife they put in the house. This is how women kill their men unknowingly.

Many women do not know that and they continue in their ranting spray until the husband give up and die. Then they will now realize how productive the useless guy as the do call him in his lifetime was since they do not have anyone to cater for them again.

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