International arrivals to the UK to get a two-week quarantine

Reports coming from the United Kingdom says that there are plans to introduce a two-week compulsory quarantine for international arrivals.

The decision to quarantine arrivals is to help reduce the further spread of the deadly coronavirus which the UK, is among the countries with a large number of people infected with the virus.

In a report filed by a news agency, the times, it said that ”apart from those entering the country from neighbouring Ireland, all people coming into Britain by air, sea, and rail will be required to self-isolate for a fortnight”.

The Times said the new rule would be enforced by spot-checks on the address given by travellers, with possible penalties including fines of up to £1,000 ($1,200, 1,100 euros) or deportation.

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It said Prime Minister Boris Johnson would announce the measures on Sunday.

The BBC reported that the two-week quarantine restriction was set to be brought in at the end of May, citing government sources and aviation industry body Airlines UK.

Ahead of Johnson’s televised address later this weekend, the government has advised people not to expect any major changes on the nationwide coronavirus lockdown still in place.


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