Five easy ways of using technology to improve agriculture in Africa

In Africa, agriculture is one of the driving forces in her economy. With technology advancement, using mechanized tools for farming has become a necessity to help increase productivity.

There are various agricultural programs established by different countries, but for a country to thrive successfully in her agriculture agenda, certain measures must be put in place and one of its kinds is using ’’technology’’ to improve productivity. 

The use of technology whether livestock farming or animal husbandry cannot be quelled. Agriculture in the time past proved to be a major booster for a robust economy for countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Cameroon.

These countries were considered as one of the largest producers and exporters of food and cash crops. Plant and livestock farming in Africa indeed is a fast-rising business as it is geared towards having an agrarian revolution.

In recent times, many countries in the African continent have sought innovative ways on how to improve agriculture through an enhanced sustainable technology for an improved agriculture sector.

Using modern farming methods to scale up production has been introduced by several nations. The modern farming can be described as those agricultural production systems that involve high inputs of capital, labour, heavy usage of farm types of machinery such as tractors, threshers, harvesters, winnowing machine, heavy usage of technology such as selective breeding, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and insecticides.

The sturdily independent players in this business would likely continue when technology is leveraged. For instance, the use of incubators for the hatching of eggs would not only be timely but also increase the capacity of eggs to be hatched and reduce the chances of reptiles like snakes from rupturing it.

Moreover, the use of technology can be used in disease control and treatment system which are harmful to birds and can be transferred to its caretaker. Diseases such as avian influenza, blackheads, botulism, coccidiosis, etc., can be reduced to its barest minimum.

Poultry yields can be increased when there is a finite amount of nutrients to increase feed quality for economic exchange whilst the business remains inciting and lucrative.

With technology, it makes farming a business and a means of livelihood. How to improve agriculture using technology. The essence of using technology to boost agriculture is to increase yields, reduce stress, and curb the bottle-necks so as to have an improved agriculture sector.


How to improve agriculture using technology
The tractor used for farming

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How technology can be used to improve agriculture in Africa


  1. Through Construction of Irrigation systems and dams

Construction of Irrigation and dams is one of the ways on how technology can be used to improve technology in Africa. How to improve agriculture using technology. To have increased agricultural production, there is dependence on water (rainfall), and in situations, when the natural source of water comes late or is over, relying on irrigations would be the alternative. 

Apart from using an irrigation system to water plants, it is good for high yielding variety seeds and chemical fertilizers as they need sufficient water supply. The HYV seeds are designed to help improve food supplies and also reduce dearth in third-world countries. 

2. Crop storage system

One of the challenges, encountered by farmers is the poor storage system. The introduction of technology in agriculture provides a better crop storage system so as to avoid wastage.

After harvesting, farm produce is kept in a place free of pests and other hazards that could affect the crops. In an effort to prevent pests like weevils from entering the grains, some farmers result in using air-tight plastic containers, custom-made mud-walled structures, baskets, and other outdated methods.

Most times, there are lots of losses using these methods. How to improve agriculture using technology. The introduction of technology in storing farm produce has increased sales because it prevents pests and insects from damaging crops.

Recently, enhanced storage facilities such as hermetic cocoons and bags, metal silos, and polypropylene storage bags have been introduced to farmers by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) which is used to protect harvested crops that could stay up to six months.

Agricultural development is essential to eradicating poverty and bringing food security to developing nations, so it is crucial that technology in Africa improves farming.

3. Crop Sensors

The main idea of using technology for farming is to reduce labour and also improve production. Modern-day farmers use Crop sensors to carry out fertilizer applications on the farm. How to improve agriculture using technology. The crop sensor is used to apply fertilizers in a simple and efficient way. How it works is this, it can detect how good or bad a crop is, and when applied, it helps to reduce a possible loss of plant nutrients.

Another amazing reason for using a crop sensor is that Instead of making a prescription fertilizer map for a field before you go out to apply it, crop sensors tell application equipment how much to apply in real-time.

With the optical sensors, it can visualize the amount of fertilizer a plant may need.

4. The Combine Harvester

The traditional way of farming can be challenging as it consumes more time and energy. However, the use of technology makes it easy. The harvester is one of the needed pieces of machinery used by modern-day farmers.

How to improve agriculture using technology. The combine harvesters are an important tool for farming. It performs all the tasks. To use it, you are to drive through a field of crops and the combine harvesters cut, thresh, and even clean the grains using rotating blades, wheels, sieves, and elevators.cutting combs for mowing and a rake. That can rotate on an axis, ahead of the machine.

The aim of using the combine harvester is to reduce stress (labour and other farming costs). It has the capacity to cultivate and to harvest.

5. Seeder and fertilizer

With the advent of technology, using traditional methods for farming may no longer be needed. Agriculture in Africa can improve if they consider agriculture as a ”business”. How to improve agriculture using technology. An interesting way to make this happen is to get improved seeders and fertilizer.

What is the use of a seeder?

It is farming equipment that is used to place the seeds directly and apply fertilizers. In clear terms, it is used to add fertilizer to the plant/soil.


African countries should brace up and use technology effectively. Agriculture remains one of the driving forces for most African countries and to ensure that poverty and starvation are eradicated in the African continent, using technology to increase agriculture production is needed.

Agriculture can be a business, only when all the necessary efforts are channelled into it to make it a means of livelihood and an economy- driving sector.

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