What you shouldn’t wear to a wedding as a guest

Ground rules for dressing for a wedding as a guest

A wedding is a societal function that can attract lots of people from different places. In certain situations, guests are paid to honour a wedding invitation, while some attend ”invited or uninvited”.

Just like other social gatherings, weddings are a play to show off. For some people (guests), they use it as an opportunity to connect with new friends. Attending functions like the wedding is nice as it brings people together especially loved ones.

Most times, people wear one of their best dresses for a wedding. How to dress for a wedding as a guest? This brings up the topic of discussion on dress or attire to wear to a wedding as a guest.

The cliché looking good is good business can present a different meaning to some people when it comes to fashion more especially dressing for a wedding as a guest. No doubt, every fashionable male or female want to grab the whole attention. However, making the right statement matters the most.

With a cool and stylish outfit, you can easily be noticed but don’t draw attention for the wrong reasons. Weddings can bring people together. It is the celebration of two people in love, and family and friends come to witness it.

Weddings are a great place to reunite with family. It brings people together from all over the world and is a special place to have fun and hook up..

At some weddings, there is a dress code for guests. Which usually, serves as the colour of the day. This is used to spice the celebration as it creates a special feeling.

Nonetheless, not all couples desire a dress code for their wedding. What this means is that guests can appear the way they like.

In this article, I shall discuss the dress you shouldn’t wear as a guest to a wedding. Read also: Transformation of Traditional Wears Into Modern Wears

What should I wear to a wedding as a guest?

The whole idea is to look good. Therefore, you should wear something that fits, decent, and stylish.

Whether you are attending the wedding ceremony (reception) only; wearing something suitable can still make you stand out in the crowd. How to dress for a wedding as a guest? Being simple and classy is what you need.

There are great styles specially designed for weddings, add some to your wardrobe.

How to dress for a wedding as a male guest?

Not only females fancy fashion. Some men are fashionable too. How to dress for a wedding as a guest? Men planning to attend a wedding invitation as a guest should not wear any of the following.

  1. Jeans and T-shirts: Wearing jeans and a T-shirt for a wedding is not ideal. If you are the jean type, reserve it for another event. Wedding is a corporate event, which the jean will not be suitable for it.
  2. Tuxedo: You don’t need a tuxedo for a wedding. As a guest, get something simple.
  3. Shorts: Wearing shorts to a wedding is completely out of place. Whether you are attending a beach wedding, it is still not ideal to wear shorts to a wedding.
  4. Kitschy clothing: Corporate dressing is suitable for weddings and as a guest still, you do not those kitschy ties.
  5. Head-to-toe black: A black colour from head to toe is not recommended for a wedding. With that kind, of dressing, you will be attracted but for the wrong purpose.
  6. Athletic shoes/sneakers: Casual wears is not for this kind of event. If you are planning to attend a wedding, drop those athletic shoes and get something better.

There are a few things that should never be worn to any wedding, no matter how formal, informal, or uniquely themed it may be. How to dress for a wedding as a guest? Women are always the center of attraction. Sometimes, a dress can be a ”hit or miss”. If you are planning to attend a wedding, here are wears you shouldn’t put on.

What women should not wear to a wedding as a guest?


How to dress for a wedding as a guest?
what a female guest should not wear to a wedding
  • Plain white dresses- stay away from anything openly bridal, especially white lace. How to dress for a wedding as a guest? Remember, you are a guest and not the bride. Although, in rare situations, a bride may decide to wear another colour like grey.
  • Anything that exposes the cleavage. Please note weddings aren’t fashion shows. Dressing decently is commending. Indecent dressing in a wedding can even attract a backlash on you.
  • Crazy makeups – Obviously you want to be noticed and get hooked up. But do not make your contour heavy and save the body glitter and purple eyelash extensions for another event.
  • Flip flops- flip flops are suitable for casual wears. Do you want to wear sandals? Fine. There’s no rule that says you have to wear heels, but flip flops are not just appropriate.
  • Head-to-toe black- it’s a wedding, not a funeral! There’re many other options to choose from. If you choose to wear a black dress, liven it up with some bright accessories.
  • Hats- not all hats are forbidden, baseball caps, beanies, and anything by Kangol have no place whatever at a wedding. For the men, even if a hat is appropriate for the situation, you are still going to take it off when you‘re indoors as religious affiliations must be respected. As for ladies, this isn’t a royal wedding. Just do your hair nicely and leave it at that.
  • Sequins and shine- remember you‘re a wedding guest, not a disco ball. All sequins are shiny things. Stop trying to be the center of attention. You can use bling as an accent, not making it your whole look.



You have the choice to wear anything to a wedding as a guest. Wearing any of these wears listed here will not prevent you from getting noticed or accepted into the venue. However, it can serve as a guild so that you won’t be noticed for the wrong reason.

Getting the attention you desire can be achieved with a simple and smart look. How to dress for a wedding as a guest? All you need is something classy, and suitable for that occasion. The uniqueness in your dress can get you noticed.

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