Impound all vehicles that violates lockdown order – FRSC

Another lockdown has begun in Nigeria, owning to the directive and order of President during the Monday national broadcast. This is in a bid to contain the spread of the pandemic creeping the workforce, economic and the ways of life of nations and Nigeria is not an exception.

According to the president, the increase in the spread of the virus is as a result of the communal transmission. In this vein, the president has extended the lockdown for another 14days in Lagos State, Ogun State, and FCT in his speech.

These states were reported to have the highest number of cases in the nation, thus the restriction on these states.

In another development, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has said it will impound vehicles that violate the stay at home order.

Speaking after another lockdown, FRSC Corps Marshal, Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi ordered his team members and men to impound any vehicle that violated the presidential order.

“Step up ongoing enforcement on restrictions and social distance amongst vehicle occupants and carry out the Presidential directives holistically by impounding at sight any vehicle found violating the orders”, he said.

However, he said the place of vehicles and persons rendering essential services cannot be overruled and to this vein, considerations will be given to them all. This will enable them to carry out their duties.

He further said that motorists’ found violating the presidential order will be handed over to the police for prosecution.

Boboye Oyeyemi has ordered his men to arrest without hesitation, any motorist who contravenes the stay-at-home order of the government.

On another lockdown, he said, “except the vehicles and the occupants are accredited essential workers with proof of identification, Commanding Officers must ensure that the vehicles are impounded and the occupants handed over to the Police for prosecution in the Court of Law for contravening the Presidential Order on restrictions, social distance and stay at home.”

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