How to start a fitness blog and make money from it

Starting a fitness blog is one of the ways you can make money. Every blog is open to solving a problem. With a fitness blog, you provide information that solves people’s needs. For example, a fitness blog can proffer solutions on topics like how to lose weight, top exercises to lose belly fat and foods for a healthy skin.
A fitness blog is very profiting. It has a high cost per click (CPC). You can make money from it by narrowing it down to a particular area you want to cover.
There are ideas that can help you when choosing on the fitness niche to follow. 3 ways to start a fitness blog and make money. They can include any of the following: nutrition, fitness, and mind-body.
When starting a fitness blog, it is important, you go for a niche you have passion for because you only teach people what you know.

3 ways to start a fitness blog and make money
How to get a flat belly

Are you planning of starting a fitness blog? Here are tips to follow:

1. Go for a niche you have interest and passion for
To make money from a fitness blog, you have to be knowledgeable on the chosen niche.
Your fitness blog should be able to instruct people on how to do daily workouts or provide them with information on healthy foods.
Starting a fitness blog, and make money from it requires that you carve a niche for yourself. 3 ways to start a fitness blog and make money. With this, your blog traffic will increase.
2. Buy a domain and host the blog
Once you have made up your mind on the fitness niche you want to blog about, the next step is to register for a domain name. Your domain name can help in search engine optimization. What this simply mean is that when registering a domain name, you should go for a name that suggests what your blog is all about, and keep it simple.
To buy a domain name, visit a domain registrar, and input the domain name in the search box. If the name is available, the next step is to host the blog.
There are local, and foreign hosting sites to use. Depending on your budget, card issues, downtimes, and bandwidth, you can make your choice.

Best hosting providers for 2020

1. BlueHost
Undoubtedly, this is rated as the best hosting company for a fitness blog. There are various plans to select. The shared monthly plan is sold at $7.99 now at $2.75 per month for the first term.
Features and details of Bluehost hosting company
No downtimes, 24/7 support, easy to install on the wordpress platform, and easy migration.

2. DreamHost
This company offers quality service. No downtimes, and it doesn’t come with the regular control panel that nearly all the hosting companies uses. DreamHost has a custom CPanel that you can use to manage your blog.
It has a trial period of 97 days. The shared hosting plan is sold at $2.59 per month, and the month-month pricing at $4.95.
3. Hostgator
It has an unmetered bandwidth. It provides you with a control panel details for your site. To migrate from Hostgator is simple. The shared hosting plan start at $2.75 per month. The plans on Hostgator are Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and the Business plan.

A budget-friendly host plans with amazing features like a free SSL certificate. It has a single shared hosting plan, premium shared hosting, and a business hosting.

3. Create a blog platform
You will need a blog platform to publish your contents. 3 ways to start a fitness blog and make money. The most popular ones are wordpress, medium, Tumblr, and blogger. Make sure the site loads fast, and fully optimized. With an optimized blog, and contents, your fitness blog can rank on the search engine quickly.

4. Create your first post and publish
In all the blogging platforms, to create a post, you will click on add new from the dashboard. Once, it opens, you start typing. If you want to add pictures to insert in the post, click on add media to choose a file. As for the wordpress platform which is the most common, the platform is easy to use. You can set the content using headline (H) 1- 6.
With an SEO tool like Rank math or yoast, it helps in calculating the performance of the content. After that, set the feature image for the blog, and click on publish.
Starting a fitness blog and make money from it will require you keep the blog busy by posting constantly, and providing your readers/subscribers with new, and genuine information.

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Here are things you should take note of when starting a fitness blog and to make money from it.

1. Keyword search
Keywords helps you to know what people are searching for on the internet. 3 ways to start a fitness blog and make money. Keywords can be long or short. For you to rank on Google or other search engines, search on other fitness blogs to know what they are ranking for.
Tips: Avoid keywords with high volumes, as it may be difficult for your blog to rank.
Some online tools to run keywords for your fitness blog are Ubersuggest,, Ahrrefs, Moz and SEMrush.

How to do keyword for your fitness blog

(a) Prepare a list of important topics for the blog
(b) Fill in those buckets with your seed keywords
(c) Use a related search terms
(d) Click on the search box

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How to make money with a fitness blog

1. Provide great content to increase your blog traffic
Remember, content is king. One of the best ways to grow your blog is by providing quality contents
The value your blog provides will make people visit more.
2. Monetize your blog
If you have a considerable amount of traffic in your blog, you should start thinking of how to monetize it. 3 ways to start a fitness blog and make money. There are various monetization options, and each have their policy. Your fitness blog must meet with the standard before it is approved.
Monetization options for a fitness blog
• AdSense
This is one of the most common ways. To get your blog approved, you need quality contents, and sufficient contents in the blog.
Through advertisement: With a fitness blog, you can make money through advertisement especially, if you have large subscribers on your blog. 3 ways to start a fitness blog and make money. To make money through advert, you will create an advert space on your blog, where by companies will pay you to have their ads displayed on your blog.
• Affiliate marketing: This is one of the common ways bloggers earn money with their blogs by promoting a brand. You can make money with your fitness blog by signing up with an affiliate company. Through your affiliate link, when a product is purchased, you earn a commission.

Top affiliate fitness companies to sign up for



3. Sell eBooks
You can make money with your fitness blog by selling your eBooks. 3 ways to start a fitness blog and make money. People can buy it from your blog, or you can sell the fitness eBooks on online stores like Ebay, and

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