Face Mask Order: River State Commuters risk N300,000 fine

...River State Governor Prof. Ben Ayade adopts face mask order and others to combat COVID-19 in the state

Face mask order defaulters will face N300,000 fine.  The words of the Cross Rivers State Special Adviser Media and Publicity, Christian Ita on Monday as he addressed the press on Monday.

The Executive Governor t of Cross River State Prof. Ben Ayade in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus in the state has order seizure of vehicles that flout the face mask order.

According to the Special Adviser, the state has ordered that all commuters must use the face mask while commuting. This will reduce the communal spread of the virus. Vehicles whose passengers are found wanting will be seized and will pay a fine of N300,000.

“Such impounded vehicles, which must be towed to the secretariat of the COVID-19 task force, should only be released after the payment of N300,000  fine by the owner of the vehicle”.

“Individuals, no matter their standing in the society, who are found in public without nose masks, should be arrested on the spot and quarantined for 14 days,” he said.

The governor has also appointed  Mr. Joseph Edet (La Shakara) as the acting Managing Director of the Cross River State Garment Factory with immediate effect. To this end,  all government appointee has been co-opted into the COVID-19 task force committee for effective combat against the pandemic.

Prof. Ben Ayade did this to ensure there are enough hands to combat the pandemic spread. Laws can only be obeyed when there are penalties for defaulters.

States and the Federal Government of Nigeria’s stay-at-home order are not completely adhering to by citizens. This is because there is no adequate penalties in place. With proper measure in place,  the people his will keep to the rules.

Government at all levels are therefore advised to ensure the citizens obey as this will reduce the communal areas of the pandemic in Nigeria.


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