Getting Likes on Instagram Without Using Hashtag: How to do it…

Getting more likes on your Instagram page can help increase your fan base. But how you can get tons of likes without using the popular method of hashtagging is what you will learn in this article.

Instagram, is one of the popular social media channels. It is an online photo-sharing application and social networking platform that users use hashtags to get likes.

Hashtags with this symbol (#), are used to categorize messages on a specific topic. It helps you and your brand to become noticeable.

Using Hashtag to get likes had been the usual and popular way, but, there are some other ways you can use to generate lots of likes on your Instagram page.

If you have an Instagram page and you need a different way on how you can get more likes on your Instagram page, here are things you should do.


How to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags
How to get likes on Instagram

Can I get likes on my Instagram page without hashtag?

Although, hashtag is what many people use but you can get more likes if you do the right thing. Therefore, the answer is yes!.

How to get likes on Instagram without Hashtags

Your Instagram account should not be used for fun but business purposes. You can use the Instagram channel to run a campaign. The likes you get from real people can become actual customers for your business.

Getting more likes without using hashtags can be done in the following ways.

1. Post quality content

Content here is pictures or stories. If you want more likes, then you must post amazing pictures on your Instagram page. You don’t expect people to like boring or unclear pictures.

Quality content will generate more likes and will increase your follower base. How to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags. You can post great content on Instagram by telling stories, host contest/competitions on Instagram without using the hashtag method and get more likes.

2. Go for niche-related accounts.

Following an Instagram account on the same niche with yours will help get more likes for you. How to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags. Without using the hashtags, what you should do is to use filters to search for topics you have interest in.

When you follow Instagram accounts that are similar to yours, Instagram will recommend your page to other users.

3. Comment on influencers new posts.

Commenting on an influencers’ new post is a strategy you can use to get likes without the hashtag.

Influencers are Instagram users that can influence or convince others because they are credible and can be trusted.

Influencers do not necessarily mean famous people but they have a large follower base on social media.

You can get more likes without using the hashtag when you comment on influencers’ posts, other users will see your comment and can decide to follow you back.

How you can find Influencers on Instagram without hashtag?

You can find influencers by tracking interactions with your most engaged fans.

With Instagram CRM, it helps in sorting out followers who comment regularly. You can also search for influencers by using some search tools like Buzzsumo and Tapinfluence which allows you to search for influencers in certain niches and locations by analyzing their impact based on reach and engagement.

4. Be Humorous

To get more likes without using a hashtag, you should be creating a comic post. How to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags. Posting humorous content can get you lots of likes. You can post a short video clip either created by you or sourced from another social networking site and upload it on your Instagram page.

You should know that content that can make people laugh can also generate more likes…

You have to be consistent and make sure it is done regularly. When Instagram users discover your account, they will always stop by.

Animations, prank videos, are some of the things that can stir people to laugh.

5. Shoutout Exchanges:

Without a hashtag, you can get more likes on Instagram by doing shoutouts with other similar Instagram accounts.

An Instagram shoutout is done when an Instagram user gives you a mention or an endorsement by sharing your post or account with their followers.

Shoutout is a strategy for growing your Instagram followers. How to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags. It helps in exposing your account to a new set of audience. Shoutout is a mutual process!

If you want a shoutout exchange, here are some ways you can get a shoutout exchange on Instagram which can either free or paid.

How to do shoutout exchange on Instagram

  1. Contact other Instagram accounts through e-mail or Instagram direct Ask them if they’d be interested in a shoutout exchange.
  2. Contact accounts with a similar niche with yours. If you post quality content on your page, you can easily get a shoutout from other Instagram users.

6. Follow other Instagram users

Usually, when you follow other Instagram accounts, they will follow you back. How to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags. You can use this method to get more likes without the hashtag.

What you need to do is by posting regularly and liking their post. In so doing, you will get more followers.

Before you follow an Instagram account, check well because not all Instagram accounts are real. For you to differentiate real accounts from fake ones, the real Instagram users can share, like, comment and even engage with your Instagram posts.

7. Tag locations and Influential people

When you tag specific locations or popular people, you can use it to get more likes and followers.

If you want to target a relevant account with a huge follower base similar to yours without the hashtag, use ‘@’ which is someone’s personal social media account. How to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags. With this, the person will get a notification that he/she was mentioned and when people click on the @, it becomes a link. The Instagram user you tag may decide to follow you back or not.


Instagram is a good channel for promoting your brand. The likes you get can help grow your product/service.

To get more likes without using the hashtags, you must be consistent and post exciting content.

Post quality photos and limit selfies all the time.

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