BIOTechnology: A catalyst to food security in Nigeria

biotechnology will push agriculture to become a more profitable venture

BIOTechnology will push agriculture to become a more profitable venture in Nigeria, these are the words of Dr. Henry Osagbemi.

The center coordinator of Bioresources Development Centre Owode-Yewa, Dr. Henry Osagbemi has called on Nigerian farmers to key into the federal government plans and programs. It will increase their harvest most especially the use of seeds, feeds, and seedlings improved with biotechnology.

The federal government uses the centre to facilitate policies on agriculture and all the application of biotechnology.  This improves the well being and coexistence of the Nigerian nation.

Speaking during an interview at his office in Owode-Yewa, Dr. Henry said biotechnology has helped developed nations improved their agricultural sector. This secured their territory from the importation of substandard goods and other country bound products. He said the federal government plans to improve food production and security in the country most especially in this period.

“About 1500people has benefited from Owode-Iyewa centre of Bioresources Development Centre, Ogun State.  Even from outside the shores of southwestern states most especially the northern part of the country”, he said.

“Kaduna benefitted from the 2019 Farmers’ High-Profit Yield Empowerment Programs will improve the agro yield of that state by over 1000% compared to the previous years”.

While calling on Ogun State farmers and those in neighboring states to key into these laudable programs considering the adorable kind of soil available on the west. Noting that southwest soil is very rich in nutrients for farming.

“I want all our farmers in this state and its environs to key into the federal government plan to assist all farmers.  It will improved farming and improved yield, this is the gateway to food security in the nation. They need to adopt this new technology for our improved seeds, seedlings, and others are easier to cultivate compared to the regular crops.  This only needs very little effort to get a more desirable result”, he said.

“Many of those imported foods are harvested from improved seeds. Now that the Nigerian government has made this available to the farmers. They need to tap into this so has to improve their profit and make better use of all available resources available”.

Speaking further, Dr. Osagbemi said several of these plants are pest resistant and they are never prone to both external and internal attacks. This is the reason the farmers could not record a substantial harvest because they plant the regular seeds.

2020 agenda of Bioresource Development Centre is to continue to ensure the sustainability of President Muhammadu Buhari’s agricultural agenda for the nation.  To create an enabling environment for food security in  Nigeria.  He, further intimate the general public and farmers on the forthcoming Biotechnological Developmental and Advancement program coming up in 2020. He said it will be given regular wide publicity for all and sundry to benefit from noting that BIOTechnology is a catalyst to push agricultural practice to become a more profitable venture.

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