Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabu shuts to soccer, opens to Covid-19

Soccer stadium turns drug hub for coronavirus cure

Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabu shuts to soccer, opens to Covid-19  drugs storage as coronavirus continued to eat up nations, business environments, events, shows, sporting activities and others. Many countries of the world are counting their number of deaths in thousands and Spain has also recorded over 27, 000 confirmed cases with thousands of deaths.

 Among the confirmed cases is the Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Carmen who was tested positive to Covid -19 and has been admitted to hospital since she came up with respiratory symptoms on Sunday.

 The leadership of the country is fighting tooth and nail to see to the end of the pandemic. To achieve that, Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabu according to the club will now be used for coronavirus drug and medical equipment storage hub for the country’s combat against the dreaded disease in Spain.

Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabu shuts to soccer, opens to Covid-19
Area view of The Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabu stadium

Real Madrid has already sealed a deal with the High Council for Sport (CSD).  Both parties have then launched a project in Madrid that focuses on the supply and distribution of medical facilities for the fight against Covid-19  that has killed several hundreds of the club’s fans in Madrid.

The death toll in Spain as of Thursday is over 4000 and Madrid is the worst hit with 2000 death cases over time.

 In the statement of the club,  “Real Madrid in collaboration with the High Council for Sport (CSD) has launched a project in Madrid to supply and distribute strategic medical kits.  This will be used in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic,” as stated by the club.

 It further stated that all supplies will be stored at the 81, 000-seater stadium as the doll-out comes in. It will later be handed over to the Spanish Government through the Spanish Health Authorities.

The resources can then be distributed and used accordingly as needed in the cities to put a final end to the Covid-19 virus.

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