China lifts restriction ban, Wuhan begins intra province trips

...the country is now panning to a safe side as it moves towards a pandemic free part of life

The Pandemic Coronavirus killing thousands of people started in China and since its outbreak, the government of China began to fight tooth and nail to see to the end of the pandemic that has killed over 2700 people in the country.

China has since sealed his borders to the citizens and foreigners in the country and outside the state. China today after the death of thousands of her citizens by the dreaded pandemic.

Hubei is situated in Central China which is landlocked with several natural endowments such as lakes, wilderness areas and mountains. Meanwhile, Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei; with a beautiful picture East Lake, a wonderful 5 tiered Yellow Crane Tower and another memorial edifice in the city is the vast Provincial Museum in Hubei.

According to the National Health Commission, another 47 infections have been recorded by the commission noting that they are all imported cases as the town itself is now free. The round figure of imported infections most especially by Chinese citizens and nationals returning to the home country is now 474 while four died recently.

Hubei has further lifted the restrictions on movement and citizens can now move around the city unlike when there was no movement of any form. Now citizens can travel around Wuhan, Hubei and go back to work as usual but are restricted from going outside these cities until April 8.

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