FC Bayern Munich Takes Training Online to Reduce Spread of Coronavirus

Bayern sets up online trainings over the risk of CONVID-19: Bayern Munich have organized ‘cyber-training’ sessions where players work out together online by following exercises streamed from the club’s headquarters.

As measures to avoid risks of spreading the coronavirus through social contacts, setting up an online trainings became necessary.

Bayern sets up online trainings over the risk of CONVID-19:

The head coach of the team, Hansi Flick announced this in the club’s website saying ”We had our first ‘Cyber Training’, where the team was coached remotely. Everyone was motivated, everyone did very well.”

“The guys are equipped with the fitness recording clocks. That means we get all relevant data of each player, such as the heart rate, on our monitors,” said Holger Broich, the club’s head fitness coach” Flick said.

He added that keeping players in touch regularly is just as essential as the training itself. “It will be important that we are in contact with one another daily. The whole group is there for training,”

Flick said the coaching staff has drawn up programs that last between 75 and 90 minutes which players can follow online.

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