Coronavirus: The spread has just begun – Emmanuel Macron

“We are just at the beginning of this epidemic,” Macron said.

The spread of COVID-19 across the globe has been a nightmare for world leaders and presidents of nations. On Monday, France President, Emmanuel Macron nipped it on the bud and letting the French know the plain truth about the virus has he said the spread of the virus has just begun.

In a bid to curtail the spread of the virus outbreak that has killed 30 people in the country and infected more than 1,600 including President Macron’s cabinet chief, Franck Riester who has been ordered to work from home having contact with an infected person.  Preventive measures have further been stepped up at the presidential palace to forestall more spread.

Macron who paid a courtesy call to the ambulance service in Paris where he assured the French not to panic as he is impressed with the authorities being organized in the face of the seeming unending crises.

France President, Emmanuel Macron
France President, Emmanuel Macron

Speaking after the visit and warning Franch, “we are just at the beginning of this epidemic,” Macron said. France is the next worst affected country in entire Europe trailing Italy.
“One must not expect that at a given moment, at a given hour in the country, there will be a big shift when everything changes. The government would continue to adopt a proportional response to the epidemic, ” President Macron concluded.

In another development, the Culture Minister, Franck Riester who has since been in self-confinement after being tested positive has been responding to treatment as he posted on his Facebook page that he was doing well.
On the flip side, the country’s nationwide municipal election which has earlier been schedule for Sunday will still hold but will have to take a region-by-region approach as a result of the outbreak considering the mode of transmission of the dreaded disease.


Furthermore, schools have closed down in three separate regions in the country, Northern Oise, Northeastern Haut-Rhin area and the city of Ajaccio on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Several events, shows, concerts and sporting activities had also been called off due to French’s ban on gatherings of more than a thousand people.

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