iQ vs iPhone

In our today’s contemporary world, there has been a gross erroneous conception that defines success, of which hitherto, this concept has greatly decimated our utmost submission toward all round excellence of building up intelligence. There is no doubt that a living society is one that its four walls are plastered with erudition, and one whose dwellers are erudite with unimaginable Intelligence Quotient. But sadly our today’s society has taken another concept in defining its living, which from my perspective, I’ll term the concept “iPhone”.

“iPhone,” literately in correspondence with this contextual definition, is something very pleasant, but not really needed in a day to day life. This, along with the former concept, intelligence, has grossly created a war in the minds of potential creative youths of the society; a war of what to choose between iPhone and I.Q. And sequel to how the society treats creativity, and intelligence, the gross percentage of the youths today would rather have gone for iPhone, instead of IQ. How then did we come about this conflicting conception?

Intimidation, as I would name it, at its crescendo, is a paramount factor that breeds this conflicting conception. There is an indispensable relationship that exists among the three classes of the society, which the upper class, knowingly or unknowingly intimidates the middle and lower classes. In substitution of these classes for the youths that make up our today society, this intimidation is growing at an unfathomable rate, which consequently has resulted into various kinds of vices being perpetrated by the so called youths – “the future of tomorrow,” all in the name of attaining this luxury.

A simple illustration to guide our understanding, “I am in a class which is filled with students of various types. I, being an intelligent student, gets respect from my fellow mates for I help them out with their assignments and other paraphernalia. I only get this far with my intelligence because I study hard with the hope the society rewards me tangibly. But with the new rift in the society which sees and admires more of “iPhone” than I.Q., how long can I then hold onto being intelligent when I know in the end the society may not give or acknowledge my creativity?”

Away from the covert denotation, “iPhone” as used in this context means luxury. Luxury has somewhat instilled in our minds to be the definition of success, but isn’t it when our society greatly acknowledges it? It’s high time we expunge from the minds such misconception which intensely is creating a damage to our society. Everyone is hell-bent on attaining this luxury, and consequently, the chase of its attainment has proliferated the rate of corruption, abduction, fraud, prostitution and other societal vices. Also it has mitigated the interest of the public in attaining knowledge which can help facilitate the building up of the society.

In conclusion, if no one is ready to make use of their brain, how do we get to the point of technology advancement that gives us this much luxury? until we have people with I.Q. flooding the streets of our society, and iPhone is recognized not as a distinction between the upper class and the other classes of the society, then our collective contribution may or perhaps, will lead to the disintegration of a noble and erudite society.


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