9 Online learning degree scholarships for international students

Scholarship to study online

Do you wish to obtain an international degree without travelling abroad? If yes, online learning/distance learning is an available option for you. The introduction of online education by most schools have made learning easy and cheap as well. Interestingly, you can get a scholarship to study online as obtained in physical learning. If you’re looking for online schools offering a partial or full scholarship, here are online degree scholarships you should consider.

Online education allows you to study from anywhere. Some students prefer it because it is convenient, cheaper compared to studying on campus. Online degrees especially one obtained from an accredited school is recognized by many employers/organizations. You can earn a bachelor or masters degree online, although, some schools have their online degree courses students can choose from. Students who want a distance learning education can also get online degree full scholarships. Let’s now lists 9 online degree scholarships to apply for.


Online degree scholarships for international students


  1. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

This is for online master’s degree scholarships. The Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships help applicants from emerging Commonwealth countries study one of more than 30 Master’s degree programs offered in collaboration with universities in developing countries or directly by UK institutions. It is an online degree with full scholarships for eligible candidates.


2. University of Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships


Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships for Developing  Countries, 2021/22

Another online degree scholarship program to apply for is the Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships. The University of Edinburgh will award 12 scholarships to people of selected developing countries to undertake one of the Universities more than 30 distance learning Master’s programs. Each scholarship will cover the full cost for three years.

3. University of the People Tuition Free Degrees

The University of the People is a known online education provider. It offers online degree scholarships to all students. The University of the People offers online American university degrees in business management and computer science that are accredited and tuition-free. UoPeople, as it is known, trains students for jobs by providing internship and mentoring opportunities.

4. American University Online Program Scholarships

The American University Online Program Scholarship is open for all admitted students. its online degree scholarship application is straightforward and can be completed in minutes. There are bachelors and masters scholarship programs to apply for. One of the very popular programs is the online Master of Public Administration and Policy.

5. The University of Manchester Scholarships for Online Master of Public Health

This program is for online MPH students from Tanzania, Uganda, or Rwanda, and it covers all tuition fees, course materials, and exams. At least two years of appropriate job experience is one of the criteria.

6. Penn State World Campus Scholarships

Here, there are various undergraduate scholarships to study online at Pennsylvania State University’s ‘World Campus’ (online campus). Visit the website to select your preferred program.

7. University of London LLM Scholarships

Postgraduate scholarships are available for students from South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, or Zambia to complete a Master of Laws degree through distance learning, thanks to a collaboration with Canon Collins Trust. Four scholarship recipients will receive full test and tuition reimbursement.

8. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Welch Scholarship

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Welch Scholarship is available to students looking for a scholarship to study online. The $20,000 Welch Scholarship will be awarded to all incoming part-time or online Master of Public Health (MPH) students.

9. UNICAF Scholarships

Scholarships are available for online students of any nationality to complete courses at the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom, Marymount California University in the United States, and the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.


Distance learning education is getting interesting by the day as most schools are beginning to include it into their curriculum. Amazingly, an online degree obtained from an accredited institution is recognized. To this end, before you apply to study online, you should check the accreditation status of the school and for students looking for online degree scholarships, you can choose from any of the listed scholarship programs listed here or check to see if your intending school has such opportunity.

To apply for any of these scholarships, simply visit the link(s) and follow the steps displayed on the school website.


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