6 Travelling Hacks for Moms Travelling With A Toddler

Travelling with a toddler is a big experience. As a mom who may decide to travel alongside with a toddler, you should be prepared to handle whatever situation that can come out especially if you’ve got a hyper-super- active child. Preparing ahead of time would help you maintain your cool. Taking a trip with a toddler sometimes can be stressful and all freaking. But with some travel hacks, there can never be a better moment than travelling with your toddler.

Whether you are travelling long road trip or by air, it can be difficult to make a child sit for hours without showing some form of edginess, so for them to get out of that mood, they may want to do things their way which on the other hand gets you cranky. No matter how hard you try to hide your frustrations from your co-travellers, deep down you, spanking the child is the only way to make the child stop. That been said, there are fun ways you and your child can enjoy a hassle-free journey. Here are some useful travel hacks to use when travelling with a toddler(s).

Simple travel hacks for moms travelling with a toddler


  1. Go along with a water bottle

As a mom, whenever you are embarking on a journey with your toddler, make sure you have a water bottle packed in your handbag. Kids are in the habit of requesting for water even when they are not thirsty. Don’t assume you can buy before boarding as sometimes, the trouble starts right on the way.

Apart from you waiting for your child to ask for water, sitting for too long would make your child feel tired, and may look dehydrated too.

2. Get snacks or food

When travelling, also, pack snack or food for your child. Serve him/her food at the actual time. Your journey has nothing to do with when to serve your child meal. You can start with the snacks, as this can go a long way in making the child stay calm for some peaceful moment, while you don’t lose your patience.

3. Wear your toddler something comfy

Sometimes, kids get irritated based on the outfit they wear. When travelling for a long hour, you don’t need to wear your child something too heavy or light. Try wearing your toddler a very comfortable dress. With this, it will safe you the stress of adjusting and readjusting the clothe especially when trying to use the restroom.

The climate of the region, city, country where you are travelling to can determine the clothing to wear. For colder areas, get your child a jacket, hand gloves, and a head warmer. While for hot areas, you should wear your child a loosed dress, for airflow.

4. Put on a piece of coloured fabric, simply avoid anything white in colour

You probably want to look good, that doesn’t mean you should wear something that can easily get stained. Remember, you are travelling with a toddler, your dress can get stained in the process of making your child stay calm. The stained dress is enough to demoralize you. Therefore, it is better to wear a colour that can hide stains.

5. Travel with some simple toys or kiddies tablet

travel hacks for moms travelling with a toddler

Don’t make your child mix those fun times. You can pack your child’s simple toys or gadget in your bag. kids like toys, seeing that a companion (the toy) is there can make your journey a worthwhile experience for you both.

Also, download their favourite cartoons on the gadget, make them watch, you can as well join in the watch to make it more interesting.

6. Travel light

You don’t need to pack everything just because you are travelling. Pack a few necessary things for your travels and keep them well arranged in your travel bag. If you are travelling just with your toddler, go light since you don’t have someone who will help you carry your bag while you take care of your child.


It can be difficult making a child sit quiet when travelling on a long journey. Taking measures on how to manage the situation if the need arises should be your quest. Some kids are super-active, and if you’ve got one, you don’t need to lose your temper as it is a phase every child passes through. As a mom, planning to travel with a toddler, with these simple travel hacks, you will have a fun-filled journey.

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