5 Low Tuition Fee Universities In Europe For International Students

Study in affordable countries in Europe

Every year, schools abroad receive tons of applications from students seeking oversee education. Some schools are apparently cheaper than others, especially, schools in Europe. International students can get schools that offer low tuition or even free tuition, although, with some conditions attached. In this article, if you are planning to study in Europe, I will list the 5 lowest tuition fee universities in Europe for international students. 

Why study in Europe?

  • Cost: Many schools in Europe have the most affordable tuition fee universities. Studying in Europe is cheaper than in many English-speaking countries.
  • Ability to visit other European countries: Depending on where you ‘re studying at especially if the country is  part of the Schengen zone, international students can visit any of the European countries while studying abroad. All that is expected is to provide a student’s study permit.
  • Post-work study opportunity: One of the benefits of studying in Europe is that most of the countries provide international students with a post-study work opportunity. That’s to say, foreign students can stay back after completing their studies abroad. Top among these countries are Germany, Poland, Malta, and Belgium.
  • Can study in English medium: The official language of most European countries is not the English language. But that you shouldn’t scare you as many schools in Europe offer English taught programs.

Tuition fee in Europe

First, international students need to understand that the tuition fee of domestic students varies. Be thou as it may, as a foreign student, you get to enjoy other benefits.

Affordable countries in Europe to study at

  1. Italy

In terms of affordability, Italy has one of the lowest tuition fee universities in Europe. To study in Italy is cool as the system of education is rated among the best with its bologna system of education used by many schools. International students can get very cheap universities and still enjoy scholarship benefits if eligible.

The cost of living and tuition fee is quite affordable. For living costs, students can pay between 650– 1,000 EUR / monthly depending on the lifestyle, accommodation, and city. While the average tuition fee falls in the range of 850 – 1,500 EUR / annually

2. Germany

Great study destination for international students. The country has friendly immigration policies that favor foreign students, also, its wage and post-work opportunity is a factor to consider.

Despite all these goodies, most German universities are very affordable, apart from the fact that students are to open a blocked account. The living cost is between 700 – 1,100 EUR / monthly, while the tuition fees is between 100 – 200 EUR / yearly depending on the school and program of study.

3. France

The tuition fee of French universities is affordable and also, the cost of living is not on the high side. Some cities attract a high living cost. On average, the student living cost is between 700 – 950 EUR / month and tuition between 200 – 300 EUR / yearly.

4. Lithuania

Very affordable country for anyone seeking abroad education in Europe. Lithuania has very cheap universities and the cost of living cheap too. The average student living cost is 120 – 200 EUR / month and the tuition fee for public universities is between 1,500 – 3,000 EUR/ year.

Lists of lowest tuition fee universities in Europe for international students.  

1. University of Pisa- Italy

This is one of the lowest tuition fee universities in Europe for international students. The University of Pisa is among the best in Italy and offers a wide range of programs. It cost up to 2,307 USD / year to earn a bachelor’s degree at the University of Pisa in Italy.

2. Free University of Berlin

The free university of Berlin is very affordable. It is located in the city of Berlin, which is one of the most expensive towns in Germany, tuition is still affordable. The tuition varies from the number of semesters and program of study. Undergraduate international students can pay between 600- 1,000 USD / yearly. 

3. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel VUB) is a Dutch– and English-speaking research university located in BrusselsBelgium.

Based on the program and level of study, students can pay between 835 – 4,500 EUR/year.

4. Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Russia

This is a low-budget state university in Moscow, Russia. The university focuses more on clinical, advisory, social, legal, pedagogical, extreme, and other areas of psychology.

It is included in the lists of lowest tuition fee universities in Europe because it is cheaper than many other schools that specialize in the same category, clinical psychology. The fee is between 2000-2,500 USD / year.

5. Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is one of the Dutch universities of applied sciences. The university is ranked among the best universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Visit this link for the tuition fee.


Regardless of which field of study you decide on your next academic degree. In some European countries, the tuition is free for European students, some offering free or exceptionally limited educational spending rates for international students. As a foreign student in Europe, perhaps the main progress you can make is understanding the cost of living and the tuition fee.

Interestingly, the cost of education may seem overwhelming, yet there are more grants and financial guidance available for non-EU students.

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