Govt needs to construct all streets as they serve as alternate roads – Baale Sarumo Dada

The community leader in Alakuko area of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area (LCDA) and the Baale of Alakuko Ajegunle Ilo, Prince Bolarinwa Adebayo popularly known as Baale Sarumo Dada has called on the government at all levels to always construct all roads including the streets that serves as an alternative route during construction.

He made this call while speaking to the newsmen on Wednesday morning when asked why residents extort money from the motorist who uses the street roads as an alternative route during road constructions.

Baale Sarumo Dada made know that such extortion is not happening in Alakuko area where he oversees as he does not just seat in the palace but moves around to ensure things work the way it should.

“Such public extortion does not exist in my domain because I move round myself with the support of my Community Development Association Executives and members to curtain such”, he said.

“Anytime I see such, I send them away because I do not tolerate such an illicit act. They call me several names but I do not care about ear say. If I still sight them anywhere in my domain again, I will chase them out immediately”, Baale Sarumo Dada said.

Speaking on construction and the impact on street roads as it affects the residents due to the huge number of users which such roads were not planned for initially.

“When Baale Animashaun Road in Alakuko was being constructed, my street serves as the alternate route for motorist which serves the people for two weeks. I ensure nobody collected money from road users. The road is relatively bad now and the people are really suffering from the effect”, Baale Sarumo Dada.

“The government should ensure all stakeholders are carried along in the development plan so that we in the grassroots can bring all necessary input on the table. This will facilitate and hasting development”, he said.

He also noted that alternate routes should always be the first point of call before the main construction begins since the major roads will be shut for the motorist.

Prince Bolarinwa Adebayo further advised all community leaders and paramount rulers to always do the needful and stop being armchair traditional rulers or leaders who only seat in the palace and expect people to bring them reports.

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“We all need to go out and see with our own eyes”.

“We should not seat in our palace and govern. We need to walk around the community and see things ourselves. The palace is only meant for us to leave and relax after discharging our duties to the community we govern”.

“Government is paying us to see over the community and ensure there is relative peace and tranquillity in the communities. We must always let our principal get value for the money we earn as salary and not just seating at the palace without doing what we are paid for”, Prince Bolarinwa said.

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