Tips On How To Pick Essay Topics When Applying for Admission

Essay writing is one of the admission requirements for most schools especially for college students. A well-written essay will assuredly keep admission officers spell-bound and by so doing, can earn you a place in the school. Choosing a catchy topic to write about may take weeks before you arrive at a topic unless you want to go for any of the random topics displayed on the web. In this article, I will talk about how to pick a perfect essay topic, key areas to pay attention to, and how go about writing a winning essay topic for college students?

How to pick a perfect essay topic 

What makes your essay topic different from the others is the title. You can write on any topic but make sure you have substantial points to include in the body of the essay. A well-researched essay can turn into a winning essay while a poorly-researched essay will only be filled with flaws. When writing, always have your readers in mind and make sure the essay topic is informative and engaging. So, before you pick a topic, how vast are you on the topic? The answer can motivate you to write on the topic or not.

Key areas to pay attention to when writing a college essay

Once you’ve gotten an essay topic to write on, make sure you follow the content structure. You start by creating a good title, write the lead, body, and summarize your essay in the concluding part when you are done. When writing the title, keep it short, and the lead (introduction) which is your first line should contain the topic of discussion.

How go about writing a winning essay topic?

First, is the topic something that interests you? Topics can be derived from many places. When you come upon a topic that sounds interesting, try to start writing on it. What do you feel about the topic? If you find it interesting, then you are good to go. Here’re tips on how to write a winning essay topic.

  • Write according to your style

Don’t copy someone else’s essay. Choose any interesting topic, especially what you can write on comfortably. Narrow it to a particular application field or a specific issue, or a particular path. 

  • Research Your Topic

A perfect essay starts with proper research. Use various research methods and make sure you have enough materials for writing it. 

  • Get ideas from others

‘Too good heads are better than one’. A good essay can be the beginning of your admission success, don’t joke with it. You can brainstorm with your friends and any idea that comes while brainstorming should be jotted down. At the end of the process, choose the topic that appears more interesting. 

What if you still can’t create a unique essay topic? 

Still, there is a solution. Just search for lists of exciting topics on the internet. Select several which you would and could write something about. Then, narrow the list to one topic. To do so, you may start writing about two or three of them, and see in which case the writing process goes smoother. Now, you have all the information based on which you can select the best topic for your essay.

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Students are advised to write essay topics all by themselves. The essay should be narrative and intriguing. If you want to get a well-written essay, then you must write topics that you’re vast on. Research on the topic you want to write about. Your essay should have a structure, starting with a brief and conscience essay topic, allow the sentence to flow. Your essay should contain the title, body, and concluding part. After writing, get a proofreader to vet your work.

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