Manchester City vs Liverpool: Who’ll come out on top?

One of the biggest games is going down today between Manchester City and Liverpool FC, the big questions are who’ll come out on top, and will the absence of Van Dijk be felt?

This would be a  scintillating match to watch, although, many football fans are tipping Pep Guardiola’s side to earn the 3 maximum point due to the absence of vigil Van Dijk that LFC may concede goals through counter-attacks.

The magic for Liverpool

Liverpool is quick on the ball and launches long balls. Can this magic happen especially now with the likes of Diogo Jota, Mo Salah, and Sadio Mane? For Klopp, the primary tactic over the last few meetings has been to push Manchester City back by launching long balls forward over the top of their high defensive line. The aim is to bypass City’s high press altogether, hitting Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah in the channels as early as possible. But Virgil van Dijk’s absence from the team could limit Liverpool’s ability to play such a direct game

Can Mahrez and De Bruyne do the magic?

Both players are in good form. With the brilliant passes from Kelvin De Brunyne, Liverpool may struggle in the game. Manchester City will naturally focus on, partly because De Bruyne tends to float out to the right flank this season. There will be times in this game when Robertson is forced to get tight to De Bruyne, leaving Gomez in an uncomfortable position as Riyad Mahrez occupies the right flank and Ferran Torres starts to make a move.

Normally, it is when Manchester City are particularly dominant down the right-wing that their left side becomes unexpectedly dangerous. Should Gomez and Robertson struggle, pulling Liverpool towards that side, then Raheem Sterling may find himself in acres of room for a quick switch over to the other flank.

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