How To Make Potato Puree For Babies And Toddlers

Potato is a good source of carbohydrates. It has so many healthy nutrients like potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and zinc. There are various ways of preparing potatoes to make it look appetizing and healthy too especially for babies and toddlers. Sometimes, mothers practically get stuck on how to prepare potatoes to enable the child to eat. Apart from frying the potatoes, you can make a potato puree. This is one of the recommended ways of making potatoes for kids.

 Introducing solids to your baby is not always easy especially for exclusive-fed babies. Most kids are fussy eaters that it requires that you (a mom) become creative on what to cook and how to prepare the food. Simple foods like making potato puree are one of the healthy foods for babies and toddlers. In this article, I will state how to prepare potato puree for babies and toddlers.

Making potato puree: What is the right age to introduce potatoes to a child?

Your baby can start eating potatoes after the six months mark of exclusive breastfeeding. At first, he/she will battle because, at this stage, it is difficult to swallow. Therefore, you may wait until the baby turns 8 months and the best method is making potato puree. Then you can combine potatoes with other vegetables too.

Nutritional benefits of potatoes for babies and toddlers

  • For weight gain: Potatoes are a very good source of carbohydrate low in calories. Eating potatoes helps in weight gain which is very suitable for babies and toddlers.
  • Amazing minerals: potatoes contain Phosphorus and calcium which helps in building bone development.
  • Potatoes contain Choline: This is an important ingredient as it builds and improves the mental ability of a person.
  • Rich in Vitamin C that encourages healthy glowing skin.

Different methods of preparing potatoes

You can make potatoes in the following ways. Whichever method you choose to follow, make sure you serve it with either vegetable source, carrot, or scrambled eggs. You can even prepare a potato porridge. 

  • Baking – This requires that you use the oven to bake the potatoes for at least 40-45. Puncture the potatoes to make holes with a pen knife and place it in a baking tray. Bake it for 45 minutes or until tender and the skin is wrinkled. Peel the skin once it is cooled down.
  • Boiling method – Chop/slice potatoes into small pieces and boil it in a saucepan with water until it is tender. Peel the skin once it’s cooled down. Pressure cooking – Cut the potatoes into pieces and pressure cook it in a cooker with water till its immersed level until soft.
  • Steaming – Peel and cut potatoes into small pieces and steam it using a steamer until soft. See how to steam potatoes here. Steaming potatoes.
  • Frying: This is one of the popular methods of preparing potatoes. It can be served with tomato or egg sauce.
  • Potato porridge: You prepare the potato as if you want to prepare a porridge yam. Once the potato is tender, add ingredients like seasoning cubes, salt, palm oil, and vegetables.
potato puree
sweet potato with spinach and carrot
How to make potato puree:

You can use either sweet potato or Irish potato to make a potato puree. Here the ingredients and steps in making a potato puree. 

  • Sweet/Irish potato
  •  Milk
  • Water
  • Salt.
  • Carrot, spinach

How to make potato puree

Skin the potatoes, chop it into slices, and pour it over with a small amount of water. After that, add salt and boil it for 15 – 20 minutes until tender. Allow to cool off. Now it is time to puree or mash the potato. To do this, you can use a food processor or blender, add water or milk. Your potato puree is ready.

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Potato is a healthy meal. Making potato puree is very nutritious, and babies like it. For babies, using Irish potatoes would be better for most babies find it very interesting. The general essence of making potato puree is to enable the baby eat. Adding milk is cool, as babies need milk and the taste makes it more interesting. Also, when making the potato puree, make sure it is properly mashed. Please note: Before you add milk to the potato, allow it to cool because if you pour milk when it is still hot, it will make the puree come out black.

You may not add milk when making a potato puree for your toddler. Rather, you should add vegetables like carrot, spinach to it. Potato is quite nourishing. However, eating it alone will not provide all the necessary health benefits.

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