5 Important Strategies For Effective Social Media Marketing

To make your business reach a large target audience, you need a solid social media marketing strategy. In recent times, the use of social media marketing tools to promote or run a business campaign has increased, and to increase your ROI, there are smart and important hacks for effective social media marketing every business owner must endeavour to implement for a quick result.

Social media is one of the simplest and best methods used to drive traffic to your business, maintain customer relations, boost sales, and engagement through the help of email marketing or automation tools. With this, it is obviously important to use decisive approaches to grow your business now that the internet has become a veritable tool for modern-day business.

To get this done, using an effective social media marketing strategy will be needed. Creating a social media channel for the sake of having them is not part of this discussion as some can have them without knowing the importance and how it can be used to grow a business.

If you run a product or service-based business and you want to project it to reach a large audience, here are important strategies for effective social media marketing.

Social media marketing strategy: How to use it to grow your brand

1. Write captivating titles with good content.

A Social media marketing strategy you can start with is by ensuring that you create an enthralling title accompanied with good content. Most at times, a well-crafted title does the marketing for you which spurs a buyer to action. If you plan to use any of the social media channels to grow your business, it is all-important to learn how to write a perfect sales copy and be consistent so that you keep your audience engaged.

2. Tag influencers or celebrities.

When you tag influencers or celebrities and then create a fan page on a social media account especially, Facebook, it will not only drive traffic to your business, it will also, boost engagement and convert leads.

Tagging influencers is an effective social media marketing strategy to implore. What this simply means is that when you make a post tagging an influencer, his/her followers get to see the post and probably declare interest in the business you offer.

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Influencers are people with a large fan base. Once you are able to find an influencer especially the one on the same niche with you, it makes your social media marketing strategy less-cumbersome. One of the easiest ways to find a social media influencer is through direct messaging or try using search tools like Buzzsumo and Tapinfluence.

3. Follow trends on social media.

It’s important to follow trends in social media. It helps in growing your online business and keeps your audience engaged. For instance, you can follow #trending topics on twitter as a social media marketing strategy to promote your brand. You can as well use Facebook Trending Topics or Google Trends to achieve the same goal. 

4. Schedule your posts.

With the help of some social media automation tools, you can schedule your post and publish whenever you feel there is a need. Apart from scheduling your post, you can use this social media marketing strategy to engage your audience and monitor activities to know how the campaign is running and may need to implore another strategy if things are not working well.

5. Organize social media contest.

One of the best ways to make people know about your brand is by organizing a contest. Through Social media Contest, you drive traffic to your site, engage your audience. You use trending topics or make your audience go through a simple task and of course, there should be a reward. For instance, you ask you, subscribers, to like a post/photo and the person with many likes will be rewarded with a cash prize, a free meal, or other give-aways.


The approach you use in running ads on social media depends on the tool, and knowledge on how to use them. Digital marketers use various channels and strategies to promote a brand and when a method seems not fetching the desired result, there are other alternatives but you must know how to use them.

The effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy depends on the tools and the information that sometimes, you may spend heavily on an advertisement and still not get any noticeable result. All you need to do is to restrategize.

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