What You Need to Know About The Nigerian Passport Book Number

A passport number is a ‘special number’ contained in a passport booklet which is one of the important travel documents or requirements that must be provided when you begin a visa application process.

The Nigeria passport book number is a form of identification for any Nigerian passport holder. With the passport book number, it is easy to track a person’s file/document either for renewal purposes, damaged or stolen.

A passport book number is unique and often times are required when filling a visa form and some other documents for record-keeping.

The passport number can only be issued when you secure a Nigerian passport that will be used for Nigerian citizens to travel outside of Nigeria.

Passport number

Passport number: The types of Nigerian passports

There are different types of Nigerian passports, the standard Nigeria passport (Green cover and electronic passport (e-passport)

The green cover has 32 pages that last for five years while the e-passports with 64 pages are valid for ten years.

How to Apply for the new Nigerian Passport?

How to Apply for New Passport

Apply online at by clicking on the type of passport application you want e.g. Fresh, Renewal, Loss, Damage, or Correction of data.

  • Complete the online application form, select passport office in the state you wish to obtain the passport, proceed to make payment online, and obtain reference and application ID numbers.
  • Proceed to the Passport Office selected during the online application with relevant requirements including evidence of payment made.
  • Nigerians in the Diaspora are to submit an application at the nearest Nigeria Embassy/High Commission or Consulate selected during the online application.

Note: Applicants are required to appear at the passport office chosen during online application for a photograph and Biometric data capturing if the current passport is more than six months old.

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Does Nigeria have a passport book number?

Every Nigerian passport holder has a unique number attached to a passport booklet that can never be repeated or found with another person.

Nigeria passport book number contains eight digits and a letter that is positioned at the top right side of your International passport. Nigeria’s passport book number is very vital. This number can never be repeated or seen on another person’s passport page.

Nigerian passport number can be used for the following: When applying for a visa. One of the documents you are to provide is a data page of your international page that contains the passport book number.

Also, when renewing your international passport, it is with the passport book number they will use to locate your credentials that are already saved in the system.

What is the passport book number in Nigeria?

Essentially, the passport number is a mode of identification of a passport holder which automatically acts as a travel document number. This is meant to be kept safe as it would be used for identifying your passport for visa filling and other purposes.

When the passport booklet expires, damaged, or stolen, it is the passport/travel document number that will be used to track your information and then produce a new copy. This is why a passport booklet must be kept safe.

Difference between passport number and passport book number in Nigeria

Nigeria passport book number is the only number you will see at the top right side of your passport booklet.

The number is alphanumeric and generated specifically for a Nigerian citizen.

In some countries, like the USA, a passport book number and a passport number might be two different things. But the case is not so in Nigeria.

Nigeria passport book number and that of a passbook number in Nigeria are the same, as there are no other numbers in the Nigerian passport.


The passport number is very important. You can write down your passport book number somewhere apart from your phone in a case, your phone is hacked, misplaced, or stolen.

Nigeria’s passport book number provides information such as name, date of birth, place of birth, gender passport validity, and country of issuance.

When your Nigerian passport booklet is stolen or damaged, please report to the necessary authority.

If it was stolen, report to any police station. If it destroyed by fire, then report to the fire service department. When you report the incident, you will get a case number, also a sworn affidavit which you will take to any of the Nigerian immigration service (NIS).


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